Demo of Katt Williams’ iPhone App

This is a demo of comedian Katt Williams' iPhone app, which includes the Pimp Cane and Katt Calls, as well as news, video clips and more. This sh** right here? This sh** right here ... is all you'll ever need, playa.

Comedian Katt Williams Arrested in Georgia for Burglary

Comedian Katt Williams was arrested in Atlanta early Monday morning (November 9) after he was arrested for allegedly breaking into a home. According to the reports, the 38-year-old comedian broke into a home in a rural area of Georgia on late Sunday (November 8), using a crowbar, and stole around $3,500 in jewelry and collectible coins...
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Trailer: Katt Williams’ Pimpadelic DVD

One of the funniest guys in comedy is Katt Williams. Everybody knowns that. Here's his latest DVD, "Pimpadelic," which takes you on the road with Katt to document his journey. Out October 13.