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Baller Links: Carmelo Anthony To The NJ Nets, Hugh Hef Buys Back Playboy, 50 NFL Fails

Various times during the week,’s team scours the Internet, hitting major websites and cool blogs, for random stories of interest. Whether it be serious news, a awesome video clip, a random blog entry, or even some photos, we post and link to the interesting tidbits of the day. Inside is the latest from today — including Mike Epps getting sued, Hugh Hefner taking Playboy private, Carmelo heading to New Jersey and much more…

Hugh Hefner Kicks ‘Girls Next Door’ Twins Outta The Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner is slippin’ on his pimpin’ these days. The latest news in the Playboy Mansion these days is that “Girls Next Door” twins, and Hef “girlfriends,” have been kicked outta the mansion because of their promiscuous behavior. Karissa and Kristina Shannon tells PopEater that after just a couple of weeks living in the mansion, Hef was getting upset about boyfriends hanging around…