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Introducing New York Newcomer Fame

It’s going to be a hot summer, especially for up-and-coming artist Fame. In just a few short weeks, the MBK Entertainment recording artist has toured the East Coast promoting his upcoming mixtape, helped present the Actor’s Fund award to Al Pacino, and managed to create a fanbase who have added the word “Coy” to their vocabulary. This clip is a trailer for his mixtape, Hybrid Season, which dropped Tuesday (June 7), hot in NY and South Beach. It gives an inside look…

Brooklyn’s Fame Talks Shows Off Singing & Freestyle Skillz With DJ Kay Slay

You probably haven’t heard of him before, but there’s a chance you will soon. Hailing from Brooklyn New York, Fame doesn’t just rap, he sings too, which has separated himself from the pack. In a recent interview with DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Radio in New York, Fame talks about what he’s bringing to the game, the story behind his name, and showcases his talents in the studio including his singing voice and freestyling ability…