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Famous Kids Eyeing Rap Careers: Pablo Dylan, Chet Haze & Rich Hill

There’s quite a few young kids of famous celebrities taking a stab at rap careers these days. There’s Tom Hanks’ son Chet Haze, who has received a lot of flack through media coverage (including a brutal/funny lashing at the hands Howard Stern); and now, Bob Dylan’s grandson wants a shot. The 15-year-old, named Pablo Dylan, tells AllHipHop that his famous grandfather “feels strongly” about his music … and it means a lot to him, especially since he considers Bob Dylan to be the “Jay-Z of his time” …

Tom Hanks’ Son, Chet Haze, Eyes Rap Career

Did you know actor Tom Hanks has a son who’s an aspiring rapper? It’s true. His son, Chet, from his second marriage, has been dropping tracks on the Internet in recent months — one of them being a remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” smash, dubbed “White and Purple (Northwestern Remix)”, named after the colors of his college, Northwestern University. However, he hasn’t gotten the best feedback from his music…