Nicki Minaj Talks About Her ASSets, Alter-Egos on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Nicki Minaj was the latest rapper to sit down onChelsea Handler's couch. During a recent appear on her show, "Chelsea Lately," the comedienne was quite interested in the rapper's ass, as is most bloggers since she broke onto the music scene. While Nicki brushed off the ass comments with smiles, she also discussed how her Eminem-assisted song, "Roman's Revenge," came about, and the differences between her multiple alter-egos...
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Fat Joe Explains Joey Crack Nickname On ‘Chelsea Lately’

Veteran Bronx rapper Fat Joe hopped on a plane early in the morning the evening at the release party for his brand new album, The Darkside Vol. 1, to appear on "Chelsea Lately." During his sitdown with Chelsea, the rapper reminisced about being the first rapper to "pop her cherry," meeting the Chinese Fat Joe, how he was eating lion soup during the recording process of The Darkside, and why and how he got he nickname Joey Crack...
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Lil Jon, Big Boi & Rick Ross Talk Big Asses on Chelsea Lately

Comedian Chelsea Handler invited rappers Lil Jon, Big Boi and Rick Ross to her first ever rapper roundtable on her "Chelsea Lately" evening show. Their first topic was a bikini battle between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, which led to talk about big butts. Why do black men like big asses? Chelsea gets them to answer the age-old question...

Los Angeles Lakers’ Ron Artest on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Still basking in the NBA Finals win and championship with the Los Angeles Lakers, the team's Game 7 hero Ron Artest appears on Chelsea Handler's daily show, "Chelsea Lately," to talk about his first NBA title, his week of partying in celebration, his crazy pants and why he wore them to get at Chelsea herself. Ron also talks about his music career, while joking and laughing.

Fabolous On The ‘Chelsea Lately Show’

Fabolous topped by E!'s "Chelsea Lately" show this week, in promotion of his new album, Loso's Way. He talks about Kobe Bryant, showering after sex, and rumors about drug busts.