Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dogg’s Single ‘Winning’ Hits Radio This Week

Charlie Sheen’s “winning” catchphrase is set to hit the airwaves on Tuesday (May 10) in the form of a music single, featuring Snoop Dogg and former Korn guitarist Rob Patterson. Following a series of incident and arrests over the past 12 months, which culminated with his departure from the hit sitcom, “Two and a Half Men,” Sheen began to give several odd interviews, in which he embraced his perception in the media and introduced phrases like…

Diddy Drops Ciroc Concoction For ‘TigerBlood’, Courtesy Of Charlie Sheen

After hearing about Charlie Sheen’s wild party binges, hip-hop mogul Diddy wanted in, jokingly tweeting at the actor asking if he could get an invite to the Hollywood Hills mansion. Now, Diddy’s admiration for Sheen went a step further over the weekend, when the Bad Boy Records mogul took one of the actor’s slogans and made a drink recipe for it. Sheen says he has “tiger blood” running through his veins. Well, in a tweet on Saturday…
Charlie Sheen
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Fun Stuff: The Charlie Sheen Soundboard By

It was only a matter of time before someone made a soundboard, consisting of quotes and soundbites from Charlie Sheen, especially since his quotables are classic by now. His interviews on NBC, ABC, TMZ, The Alex Jones Show, and elsewhere, have made the actor a walking soundbite of “WINNING!” So, the good folks over at Complex took it upon themselves to create yet another classic soundboard, following previous classics…