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C.KHiD: She Fleas (DJ FWB Remix) (Music Video)

South Carolina newcomer, C.KHiD, continues his online campaign, releasing a slew of material to keep his Internet going through the year. Following nearly a combined 1 million plays for his videos, “Yeah Yeah,” “Wonderful Girl,” and “Cash on Deck,” the rapper drops a visual for his latest single, the “She Fleas Remix”. In the clip, C.KHiD keeps with the five elements of hip-hop in his creative media campaign, as he shares the spotlight with top South Carolina turntables-killer…

South Carolina Newcomer C.KHiD Builds Buzz Through Viral Video, iTunes Releases

South Carolina rapper, C.KHiD, is quickly creating a buzz for himself as his views on Youtube climb into the millions, and he hopes to continue his rampage through 2011. Much of his popularity comes from the music video for his song, “Yeah Yeah,” which is at nearly 1 million views. But, the rapper isn’t stopping with that — he’s dropped a new release, via iTunes, titled Black Box Dreams 5: GOALS. “Black Box Dreams 5