Ryan Leslie: The Talented Mr. Leslie

After working with some of the industry's finest, Leslie moved from behind-the-scenes to step his game up with his pre-album release, The Talented Mr. Leslie.
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Drum God: The Last Donut Of The Night

This piece was penned by rapper Skyzoo, who was hit hard, emotionally, by the the passing of J. Dilla. He pens his reaction to he news, and remembers the fallen legend.

Daddy Yankee: The Voice Of His People

In this candid and personal interview, Daddy Yankee opens up to BallerStatus.com about his early influences, his rise to commercial success and the future of a new generation of Latin music.

Trae: The Real Houston

Already an OG in Houston as a member of the legendary Screwed Up Click, Trae is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2nd Annual BallerStatus Year-End Awards

The writers with BallerStatus voted on this year's awards, and here they are. Some of the winners are expected, but you'll also find a few surprising inclusions -- just to keep the change of pace going into the New Year.

Uncle Luke: O.G. Business

In an up close and personal interview, Ballerstatus.com chopped it up with Luke about what he's been up to, why he's moving from music to the urban adult entertainment world and all the kinkiness in between.

Scion: Wheel Talk

Jam Master Jay's Adidas sneaker was just the beginning: hip-hop's journey from taboo to marketing heaven is at its peak, and companies are adding a dose of hip-hop to their campaigns.