Reebok Reveals “Pump Universe” Revisionist Footwear Collection

Reebok Pump Universe
Photo courtesy of Reebok

With the introduction of “Pump Universe” earlier this year, Reebok sought to re-envision the stories behind its most legendary sneakers, blending their iconic design elements and positioning its historic custom-fit Pump technology at the forefront. In “Chapter 1”, we saw compelling reinterpretations of Allen Iverson’s Question Mid and the crossing over of Shaq’s signature Shaq Attaq to the tennis pitch.

Now, “Pump Universe” is back for Chapter 2. This time, Reebok adds two enduring classics models, each of which was a champion of sport and fitness during the ‘80s-‘90s and has since become an everyday wardrobe staple:

Classic Leather Pump: What if Reebok’s Classic Leather first dropped in the ‘90s? This reinterpretation of the brand’s signature ‘80s running shoe draws inspiration from Instapump Fury and other classic Reebok runners with an integrated tongue Pump ball and bladder, while carrying forward OG Classic Leather design elements like an all-leather upper, Reebok wordmark window box, cross check branding, and a rubber outsole.

Club C 85 Pump: What if Michael Chang’s Court Victory was instead a Club C? Here, the brand’s classic low-profile tennis shoe is imagined as a signature Pump model, drawing inspiration, color, and design from the iconic Court Victory, while carrying forward OG Club C design elements like a leather upper, Reebok wordmark window box, embroidered heel logo, and a rubber midsole and outsole.

“Pump Universe” ‘Chapter 2’ drops May 17 from Reebok.comFoot Locker, and other select retailers.

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