Groovy Starts Summer Early with New Single, “BADGURL”

It’s a no-brainer that for some spring has had… quite a slow start. However, temperatures are (finally) beginning to heat up & along with the warmer weather comes even hotter records. While summer hasn’t officially begun, Union, New Jersey rising artist, GROOVY kicks the season off early with the release of his brand new single, “BADGURL!” Released Wednesday (Apr. 26), “BADGURL” follows the independent artist’s last single, “jersey luv,” and is downright intoxicating. Infusing Neo-Pop, R&B, and the sensational Jersey club bounce, GROOVY’s suave vocals generate an anthem for the ladies to pop out this summer. 

The record is a celebration of all of the “bad” girls around the world. Over his go-to producer, Alejandro’s whimsical, swirling production, GROOVY gives an ode to the women who not only know they’re bad in every shape and form, but create a space for them to liberate themselves through lust, sensuality, and power. He tells the story of a young woman who has been locked away and is finally discovering her identity. As seen before, there are some men who are (randomly) afraid of women who own their sexuality graciously. However, GROOVY is not one of them. He embraces the divine specimens that are women and praises them to the fullest extent. 

Many artists have made it perfectly clear that this summer (as well as this year), we are going outside and DANCING. The 24-year-old flawlessly delivers this message with the elegant, hip-shaking, shoulder-jolting single. The hypnotic vocals and the mysterious booming production create this irresistible banger that leaves you wanting more. 

The accompanying cult-ish visual further enhances GROOVY’s storytelling as it follows a young woman seeking sexual emancipation and empowerment. Directed by Chris Andrade, the spooky visual perfectly embodies the track. Stumbling across an ad for “bad gurls,” she quickly dials the number in the magazine ad. As she embarks on the journey, she reaches an eerie warehouse, greeted by a collection of black hooded women and their leader, GROOVY. Both she and GROOVY share a drink from a chalice and the rebirth begins. As they initiate her into the “bad gurls club,” she transforms into a fearless, self-aware woman. 

While still up and coming, GROOVY possesses an undeniable bravado that radiates through his delivery both vocally and visually. He carries himself like a veteran despite being a newcomer. GROOVY’s enticing voice, lyricism, and storytelling set him apart from other artists and shine a bright light on his artistry. His releases further solidify him as one to watch throughout the rest of this year and years to come. 

Watch the visual for GROOVY’s “BADGURL” above.

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