Runaway Trends of Entertainment in 2023

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Entertainment is an ever-evolving industry going full speed down an endless track towards a goal that is only limited by society’s bottomless appetite for satisfaction. This runaway train is powered by the ever-increasing availability of technology running on its own parallel track. The ease of access to technology has allowed us to create at a relentless level.

Many new innovations have been created for our entertainment and these tend to change drastically year after year. Within the entertainment industry many trends have emerged which have pushed it forward, here is a look at the three more influential ones.

Cross Platform iGaming

Mobile gaming has become a huge and crucial part of the overall iGaming industry. Mobile devices are so widely available now that almost everybody has access to mobile gaming, making it one of the easiest and most convenient ways to enjoy games,

This trend has led to specific games being designed for mobile games, optimized for increased enjoyment on handheld devices. New slots are consistently being created that are perfect for handheld devices and promote engagement like ‘Wild Outlaws’ and ‘The Knight King’. Consistent user interface design specially developed for mobile screens, coupled with gameplay loops that can accommodate jumping in and out of a game, help towards ease of use for users as well as player retention.

This is huge for the industry, not everybody has access to a desktop and even if they did, their time spent would be limited. But almost everybody has a phone or table which they can use outside of their home, anywhere and at any time.

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Live Streaming

Live streaming has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the rise of platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live. This is due to several factors, including technological advancements, the desire for real-time engagement, and the appeal of creating and consuming user-generated content.

As traditional forms of entertainment such as cable television slowly fade away and become less popular, this new trend of live streaming has effortlessly taken its place. This runs parallel with the increase in young people preferring to stream their entertainment. The sense of community that comes with it has hooked a younger generation who now rely on technology for a lot of their social interactions.

Live streaming has opened up new opportunities for content creators and is viewed by many as a potential career avenue in the future. As technology evolves and the audience for live streaming grows, it is likely that its popularity will only continue to increase.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is the next step to creating a completely immersive experience, it has the potential to transform the industry completely.

By incorporating the strengths of virtual reality into gameplay, players can step into a new world environment perfectly mirrored around their gaming experience. This trend is in its infancy but has the potential to push the industry forward by light years.

At the moment, VR headsets are used to access a virtual world which will only improve over time and become more common in individual households. As the technology develops and the games developed become more competent at exploiting VR to its fullest, we can expect the concept to become much more mainstream.

As long as the gaming industry is open to new technological innovations and is able to not only embrace but adapt to them, then this runaway train will never stop.

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