jessa Returns with Hazy New Single “Saying I’m Fine”

Artwork by Isaiah Buford

When it comes to the rising artist Jessa, it seems as though each time she creates a song, her mindset is, “Is this music going to touch the hearts of the listeners?” Following 2022’s nostalgic single, “TUFF,” the dynamic singer returns with a new single that brings forth even more emotion, vulnerability, and rawness.

Released Tuesday, (Mar. 28), the Bronx-bred artist’s latest single, “saying i’m fine,” pens Jessa’s innermost thoughts on her journey to achieving authentic happiness and tranquility. These days it’s so easy to simply say “yeah, I’m ok,” when asked how one is doing or feeling. However, that’s usually not the truth. Being fully aware of this, Jessa utilizes “saying i’m fine” to break that vexing obligation of saying you’re ok when in actuality, your whole world could be crumbling piece by piece.

The moody, smooth new single feels like an inner dialogue with Jessa speaking to herself as she sings, “saying i’m fine/ Making me tired / My mind / change my whole life / Touch down in a new city / That flight wine made me feel pretty.” Her breathy vocals add an aura of mystique and shadowiness that complement the Invisible Will-produced track. The Pop&B record focuses on instead of wasting your time and life chasing happiness, you must examine from within and discover that peace and stability inside of yourself. Otherwise, you’ll continue to chase a feeling for the rest of your life.

When someone asks how you’re doing, why do we always feel obligated to say we’re fine, even if we’re struggling? I feel like I’ve been on autopilot for a long time; it’s a tactic I use to cope with having intrusive thoughts. Instead of searching for an external source of happiness, I’ve been trying to get better at finding happiness by being my most authentic self. I’ve been practicing intentionality with everything I do, which has allowed me to feel like I’m finally coming into myself on a personal level.”

Jessa on “saying i’m fine”

Jessa’s captivating voice, raw lyrics, and authenticity continue to shine through each and every song. Her artistry cannot be contained in any box as she utilizes her music to create whatever sound she pleases. Stream Jessa’s “saying i’m fine” here or watch above.

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