“NBA All-World” Augmented Reality Mobile Game Officially Launches

NBA All-World
via Niantic

Niantic, the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) has officially launched NBA All-World, a free-to-play officially licensed geolocation augmented reality basketball game for both iOS and Android.

NBA All-World brings the world of the NBA to neighborhoods around the world in this mobile game. Fans can explore their own neighborhoods to encounter today’s NBA players, recruit them to their teams, level them up and compete to become rulers of their local courts. Players will also have the opportunity to outfit their squads with the latest gear by searching for real-world drops from a variety of well-known brands. In the game, players can additionally show off their teams, chat with friends in the game and compete in 1v1 tournaments to win exclusive in-game items.

Through NBA All-World, players will learn about real world locations that are the personal favorites of today’s NBA players. Niantic will additionally support the game’s launch with a marketing campaign, “go. all. out.” as well as NBA All-World’s short-form documentary series, “Where I’m From”, starring NBA players including Jalen Green, Jordan Poole, Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

“Sports are a huge part of people’s lives and a huge part of pop culture,” said John Hanke, Founder & CEO of Niantic. “Our version of an NBA basketball game starts with exciting one-on-one gameplay and expands from there to include the major elements of basketball culture, including music, fashion, sneakers and more, all of which are integrated into real world locations.”

“We look forward to our fans fully immersing themselves in NBA All-World as they develop deeper connections with players, the league and each other” said Matt Holt, Head of Consumer Products at the NBA. “Through our collaboration with Niantic and the NBPA, this game helps expand the world of the NBA and its culture into virtually every neighborhood around the globe.”

NBA All-World inspires people to explore the world to experience everything the game has to offer:

  • Explore Your World: Get out and move in the real world to discover NBA players to compete against and recruit to your roster, as well as Gear, Boosts, Challenges, and more.
  • Build Your Team: Go head-to-head against today’s NBA stars in a variety of challenges to recruit new players.  If you’ve already recruited a player, challenge them again in your next encounter to practice your shot and earn more Cred. Recruit stronger players as your Team Level increases. 
  • Push Your Limits: Power up players with Offense, Defense and Fitness Boosts. Make sure you keep Energy high with Energy Drinks.
  • Rule the Court: Compete in leaderboard challenges at more than 100,000 basketball courts in the real world with Rule the Court. Challenge friends and other players for the top spot.
  • Rep the Lifestyle: Pick up rare Gear from some of your favorite brands at Drop Zones. Look out for special Gear that improves player stats and outfit your team with sneakers and accessories that help you stand out from the crowd.

For more information, visit NBAAllWorld.com.