LRG To Re-Release The Friday The 47th Hoodie

LRG 47th Hoodie

LRG’s iconic “Friday the 47th” hoodie was first released by LRG in 2007 and is now being re-released as an exclusive limited edition drop.

Drawing inspiration from classic Slasher Film Villains: Jason Vorhees, Freddy Kruger and Leatherface, it was a much-hyped follow-up to the LRG “Dead Serious” Hoodie of 2006. LRG has gone back into the archives, working with the original manufacturer, and utilizing the original design cads to re-release this grail.

Jadakiss, whose government name is Jason, was the perfect choice to partner on the drop, as he has a long legacy of lyrically “murdering” your favorite rapper and leaving them in a bloody wake. Jadakiss has been thrusted back into the public consciousness with arguably the best performance in a Verzuz battle to date, introducing him to a new generation of HipHop fans.

LRG 47th Hoodie

The 47th Hoodie releases online earlier this month.

In promotion of the release, Jadakiss will appear at SHIEKH Los Angeles on October 25th for an in-store. Visit for more info.

JADAKISS live at SHIEKH Los Angeles
745 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014
10.25.22 | 5-8pm