Five Hobbies for a “Real” Man

Photo by Lum3n / Pexels

We are aspiring to have a balanced life. Where it is not all ‘work without play” and again, we should not put too much emphasis on out-of-work activities to an extent where important aspects of life are ignored. As children, we can name all the hobbies that we engaged in but, as we grew older the list got narrower.

Experts have found that men are as guilty as charged when it comes to engagement in hobbies, either they are too busy chasing money to make ends meet or they are not interested in engaging in activities that can be described as hobbies. Ella Houghton, an online casino expert points out that playing casino games is an activity that is now enjoyed by a significant number of people. The fact that most of the players are engaging in playing these games during their free time, the activity qualifies as a hobby. Internet casinos are the electronic renditions of the classic brick-and-mortar gambling buildings. It describes playing and staking bets on games such as roulette, blackjack, and free bonus buy slots on your PC or mobile devices.

However, Ella is quick to caution those who may be tempted overindulge as this may be destructive. To be termed as a hobby, a player engaging in new casinos online games, should do it in a responsible manner. When it comes to hobbies for man, it should be something that builds your life and also contributes to the general welfare of society. Ella points out that gambling in an online casino when done responsibly have been found to be helpful not just as a hobby but also as a way to have fun and make some extra money. Here, we list five hobbies for a real man based on our perspective.

Why do men need hobbies?

Before we embark on listing the hobbies for men, let’s try and convince those who do not believe in hobbies. Ella starts by saying that we all need hobbies and as we grow older, we should aim at building what we have always done as children. She gives the following reasons:

  • They offer opportunities to make our lives better as alluded to in the old adage “work with no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
  • It is a means through which we can distress ourselves while remaining mentally productive
  • They help in the promotion of better health
  • A hobby is a break from our busy schedules so it can be used to rest and break the monotony 
  • Sometimes we can turn our hobbies into a career and in most cases successful ones since we are doing what we love
  • It also helps in building relationships

For men, hobbies are as important as they are to children as they provide these and many benefits. So, what are some of the hobbies of real men?

Engaging in sports

There are lots of sports that you can engage in. If you are saying, I am not good at sports or cannot participate in some games due to my health condition; Ella says that there are so many sporting activities, some of which do not involve stringent movement. 

For those who may be interested in following Ella’s insights on gambling and other aspects of life, her profile can be found here. She has even listed out some of the sporting activities that those who may not be into stringent sports may engage in. From football, volleyball, hockey, and other contact games to board games including some that are available on casino platforms, all these can provide a man with the thrill they need while at the same time providing a chance to exercise.

Find a game that you like, play with your friends, and if you are motivated enough just do it alone and you will notice some difference. Whether it’s running, walking or such other activities, just start. You may not like it at the beginning but as you move forward and see the benefits, it will become an addiction and you will also be looking forward to the next episode.


If time allows this is one of the best hobbies for men. And you do not have to be rich to travel around your country and beyond. It is even more interesting when you do it with people who are close to you, for instance, a life partner or a special friend. Traveling helps in discovering new places, meeting new people, and forming relationships among other benefits. Plan for it and hit the road, whether on foot, road, air, or water, you will get a new level of satisfaction such that your life will never be the same again.


They say “reading makes a full man”, that does not mean that those who do not read are lesser persons but you cannot emphasize the importance of reading in life. It’s through reading that we discover new things, learn and also get enlightened. A man who makes reading his hobby will not only be knowledgeable but also well versed in different matters and will comfortably handle what life throws their way.


It may be considered as something that should be done by housewives but gardening like nature activities has a way of getting into our system, bringing a cooling effect that no other activity may help us achieve. If you have a negative attitude towards farming, you can start by visiting farms and seeing how things are done and then replicate it at home. With time, you will not only be admiring what you have achieved but also the difference your hobby has brought into other people’s lives.


There is joy in giving and it said “whoever gives finds happiness”. Volunteer in your local community, school, and children’s home among other places. Help in some activities especially in line with your career. Engage in some fun activities with children and you will not just feel good but also develop in some areas of your life.

Hobbies may seem unnecessary to some, especially those who are busy chasing things in life. Pose a little and think about the benefits that you can get through engaging in your hobbies.