Reebok Confirms Shaqnosis “Athlete’s Choice”

Reebok Shaqnosis Athlete’s Choice

Reebok has confirmed the April 8 release of Reebok’s Shaqnosis “Athlete’s Choice” colorway, inspired by Shaq’s “Big Aristotle” alias and ancient Greece.

During his 2000 MVP campaign, Shaq became the self-anointed “Big Aristotle”. Inspired by this alter-ego, the Shaqnosis “Athlete’s Choice” design utilizes texture, material, and color to draw on historic Aristotle artworks, sculptures, and ancient Greek culture.

We see desaturated color and contrast similar to historic paintings, a marble base that is inspired by statues and sculptures, natural fibers on the upper to represent garments and robes worn in Ancient Greece, and a purple heel nod color representing social status and wealth in Ancient Greece.

The Reebok Shaqnosis “Athlete’s Choice” drops April 8 exclusively from for $150 USD.