Kindl Embraces Love on Mesmerizing New Single, “Waves”

There are those artists that come around and immediately they exhibit that “IT” factor. They have undeniably raw talent, utter skill, and captivating superstar delivery. Their music sweeps you off your feet, leaving you not only in love with their art but wanting more. An artist who embodies these various elements and more is none other than Kindl. A dazzling, upcoming R&B sensation, Kindl is back with his alluring, brand new single, “Waves.”

Released Sunday (Mar. 20), “Waves” follows his 2021 single, “Like It, I Love It.” Applying further pressure, “Waves” finds the young, DMV native inviting his love interest to let their guard down, trust him, and give their love a chance. Over enticing, whirling production, Kindl touches the souls of his listeners with his delicate yet suave vocals. He charges his mystery lover to stop wasting time and allow him to take the lead. Fully ready for this budding love, he ensures that they have never encountered anyone who understands them the exact way he does. He loves everything about them. Kindl confidently assures his partner that he can provide whatever is necessary to satisfy them.

His vocals swirl across this serene beat and throughout the entire song flawlessly. The production compliments his voice immaculately generating this warm, carefree, springtime energy. With each release, Kindl’s sound continues to expand and evolve. His musicality and understanding of both sound and pitch allow him to do things within his music that simply cannot be duplicated. Although a new artist, his delivery is already light years ahead of him. While still very young and fresh in the industry, his music already highlights the very superstar that he is. It is only a matter of time before Kindl becomes a household name.