Up Next: Rising Hip-Hop Sensation Kinrose Releases Debut EP, “Easygrowing”

It is no new thing that the DMV breeds pure raw talent. From Wale and Fat Trel to Shy Glizzy, Brent Faiyaz, and Rico Nasty, the evolving list continues to grow. A name that many will soon add to that list is none other than Kinrose! The PG County-bred 24-year-old artist brings forth a quirky, refreshing flavor to the world of Hip-Hop. The poet-turned-rapper has officially released his debut EP entitled, “Easygrowing!”

Released Monday (Mar. 21), Easygrowing is a versatile, playful project that not only introduces listeners to this rising star but showcases the sheer talent that resides within Kinrose. Following his 2021 release, Chopped, the new project only holds 5 songs. However, the small collection of tracks establishes Kinrose as a new force within both Hip-Hop as well as within the DMV. Easygrowing allows Kinrose to fully come into both himself and his artistry. With Spring (finally) here, the project comes at the perfect time. Much like the fair weather, flower blossoms, and pure vibes, Easygrowing flawlessly matches the springtime energy highlighting growth and renewal.

Kinrose by Maliah Grant

Beginning with Easygrowing’s opener, “Aloof Ona Roof,” Kinrose’s charisma passionately blazes throughout the entire track from beginning to end. With an aura parallel to that of the great Smino, Kinrose adds his funky touch that simply cannot be replicated. He strings his words together flawlessly telling his story, his way. He adds this undeniable bounce leaving you wanting more. The charming storytelling continues on “Profile,” where Kinrose tells this DMV tale of love.

On “Sowing” Kinrose adds utter groove and soul within his flow as he flows about the ups, downs, highs, lows, and the introspection that comes with it all. Fully self-aware, Kinrose’s confidence oozes through his delivery. He’s confident and bold. While acknowledging that more inner work is to be done, he takes time to smell his flowers and praise himself along the journey. As the EP continues, the vibes grow even more. Over suave production, on “Pass Today,” Kinrose looks over his life and navigates through the stress. His voice eerily echoes throughout the track like a ghost as he delivers quick, sharp-tongued bars.

Easygrowing’s last song, “Cloudy Air,” ends the EP the same way it starts, with high charisma, bounce, and clever lyricism. Flowing about space and time away, Kinrose distances himself to aid his mind, realign, and regain clarity. The production is innovative. And again, Kinrose’s execution is similar to that of Smino.

Easygrowing is further proof that the DMV continues to breed greatness. Kinrose not only delivers versatility within the project but he aids in highlighting that whimsical, dynamic evolution within the Hip-Hop world. While still very intentional and meaningful as Kinrose covers growth and mental health, he has fun with his artistry. Playing with sounds, he bends production to his whim allowing it to compliment his already unconventional flow. Easygrowing not only acts as a reminder that real Hip-Hop still exists but that the DMV rap scene is steadily and continuously evolving to even higher ground.