Jessa Fights Loss and Pain In Raw New Single, “I Can’t Stop Crying”

Photo courtesy of Mia Oneal

One thing life reminds us all is that is no one is impervious to pain. No matter age, time, place, etc, pain can occur at literally any point within our lives. On her newest, utterly honest single, “I Can’t Stop Crying,” Jessa takes the time to highlight this pain within love. Released Tuesday (Feb. 22), the record finds the upcoming, Bronx-bred songstress picking up the fragments of her heart after experiencing a toxic partnership that spun her into a spiraling depression, ultimately leading to her being dumped.

At only 25 years of age, Jessa has experienced enough for a lifetime. She transforms her loss into power as she passionately sings about the hurt created by this old relationship. Over enchanting production by both .Jxck & Invisible Will and swirling vocals, she delivers her candid truth.

With her most open lyricism yet she wears her heart on her sleeve for everyone to see. With lines such as, “Pour gasoline all on me that’s assault babe / then I burn and you say it’s my fault / lose my cool then you act like it’s strange but wait…,” listeners feel the rawness radiate from Jessa. From beginning to end, listeners witness Jessa’s authentic, break-up emotions in real-time. As the three-minute song progresses, it’s Jessa’s honesty that enhances the song. She allows her perspective to change as she rebuilds herself.

Pure vulnerability continues when the budding artist opens up about the song’s creation.

I began recording this song sitting in my exes’ home studio. It wasn’t even that deep at that moment, but looking back, it’s pretty telling that even when we were together we wrote sad music. People are ashamed to say they’ve been dumped, but being dumped was one of the best things that could have happened to me.”

Jessa on “I Can’t Stop Crying

Her personal reflections and revelations allow her listeners to relate and empathize with those exact feelings. Her sultry, captivating voice echoes throughout your mind as she sings each lyric. She ushers in a modern alternative take within the ever-evolving world of R&B, creating a satisfying listen for her fans.

Photo courtesy of Rlyblonde

You might ask, “Who is Jessa?” The young rising artist isn’t necessarily a stranger to the music industry. Her father worked within the industry as an artist manager and even played a role in the early development of the great Alicia Keys! Jessa even recalls spending evenings with her father, witnessing some of the very artists he worked with. Captivated by their creation processes, at four years old, she even asked her grandfather to create a stage in her childhood home basement in order to perform and sharpen her craft.

Now at 25, the rising artist performs for friends and devoted fans throughout the Lower East Side of New York. With a brutally honest spark, her passion explodes in her music further expanding the dynamics of R&B.

Stream Jessa’s ”I Can’t Stop Crying” below or watch the video above.