These Fashion Stories Were The Biggest of the Year

Rihanna x Fenty
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Okay, if you have to write the best essay on the fashion stories this year, we have some material for you. Sure, we cannot cover just about everything that’s happened but we can give you a broad overview of the top fashion stories of the year up until now. There had been some shake ups in fashion houses and media, plenty of historic moments, and times of joy, desperation, and hope once again as companies and people tried to bounce back after the pandemic hit.

Last year was the first one when our top stories consisted of what’s the immediate impact of the immense pandemic, whereas in 2021 we saw how design houses – and some major ones, indeed – change structures and start new journeys towards recovery after the hit. We also saw not one but plenty of historic moments in the world of fashion. Let’s see something more about that.

Rihanna Puts the Pause of the Fashion Brand of Fenty

On the 10th of February this year Rihanna and LVMH had a major announcement. They stated the incoming pause in the Fenty fashion label – started just two years ago. That pause had been said to be indefinite and due to challenges presented by the pandemic and the unfortunate inability of the brand to find its place in the fashion world.

The musician Fenty launched the brand in 2019 and it became the first one since 1987 to be created from scratch by LVMH. The brand was historical in one other major way – it was the first time for a Black woman (in the face of Rihanna) to be the head of a brand in LVMH.

Rihanna x Fenty
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The Death of Alber Elbaz and the “Hacking Project” Marked April

In April 2021 Alber Elbaz who was a former fashion designer in Lanvin died due to COVID-19. This came quite soon after he revealed AZ Factory, a new adventure in his fashion journey.

The same month was when Gucci had its 100th anniversary. The spotlight saw the new “Aria” collection – one that came to show the “Hacking Project” of Gucci and Balenciaga. This particular project was one when the two fashion brands decided to interpret each other’s styles, motifs, etc.

The All-Gold Collection of Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik started his journey in the fashion world in 1971. Since then, he has set a gold standard. Now he is celebrating his 50th anniversary. Indeed, he does so with style – an all-gold collection. The collection takes inspiration from his classic works. He certainly has something bright and new to show us and even after all those years he doesn’t stop to amaze us.

First Women’s Basketball Collection of June Ambrose and Puma

Puma has a long history with basketball. They are a brand that’s inherently connected to sports. But these days they are going even further into this world by launching their first women’s basketball collection that is designed by the legendary June Ambrose. Ambrose, who’s been part of the company since last year, and Puma start a new journey in the fashion world and their collection “High Court” is certainly going to stand tall in fashion history.

PUMA x June Abrose
via PUMA

Victoria’s Secret and Their Rebrand

June 2021 saw the debut of a new look of Victoria’s Secret. They rebranded and revealed that with a diverse marketing campaign. This comes after the announcement of the parent company, L Brands, that says that the lingerie brand will be redirected into their own company.

Nike and the Metaverse

Nike enters the metaverse via its partnership with Roblox (a video-game platform) for the project of Nikeland. This will present the customers a free virtual world with various games. The design stems from the actual Nike headquarters. Players will have the chance to dress their characters in virtual Nike products.

Nikeland x Roblox
via Nike, Inc.

Burberry Rebounds after the Pandemic Struck

The luxury company Burberry announced that their revenue has finally rebounded. They said the revenue is now at pre-pandemic level thanks to the growing demand of their products in the US, and in mainland China and South Korea. The company beat the expectations and achieved almost four times a bigger revenue than last year.

Final Words

No matter whether we’d go online to buy an essay and find it easier to cope with college or we’d go into the digital world to look up some fashion news, we always have something new to learn. We are sure that many of you love to hear stories from the fashion world and why not. It’s captivating. Still, just like the regular people, the designers, the stars, the houses – all of them got hit by the pandemic. But as they begin to emerge stronger, so does our hope that we will be victorious at the end. Some of the stories show us that not everything can be perfect and that world gets in the way. Others, though, present us a vision of how all can be alright at the end.

So, we read and follow that news both with sadness of what’s left and will no longer return and with happiness that not all is lost. As we see, even the biggest names in the industries can fall down and face challenges. Yet, as they struggle and bounce back, we see that we can, too, bounce back.

Thus, we wrote this article not only to show you some of the news out there, some of the top fashion news this year, but to also give you the hope that you, too, can emerge better, stronger, wiser from this all. Sure, the pandemic is something that struck too harshly and suddenly. But we, as people, can work towards our visions, our goals, and who knows – maybe we can shine, too.

Laura Fields works as a professional writer who finds inspiration everywhere – be it in the bark of a tree, in the song of a bird, in the clouds in the sky. She tries to see all good things out there and keep an open mind to the stories that can build us up. Laura strives to provide all students, educators, writers, and professionals out there with some wonderful aid to get them ahead in their journey or career.