Why Arsenal FC’s Shirts Have Become a Cultural Cornerstone

Arsenal FC Shirts

Arsenal, a team that was created around unity and pride, capable of cutting away social divides and bringing together communities close and far. Formed by an exiled Scotsman David Danskin, it has changed over time from a small football club in Woolwich, moving to North London and saw it become the first professional football team to join the Football League. It’s this development from small time club to huge and caring team that has ensured its fans feel safe in a strong community.

But the most impactful, most memorable part of Arsenal FC? It is most certainly their shirts the players wear, sporting the famous golden cannon, a symbol just as sought after and as important as the golden bracelet of the GGPoker WSOP. But how far do these shirts stretch, and what does it mean to football culture as a whole?

Arsenal FC
Image by Mathew Vondruška from Pixabay

Where Does The Shirt Come From?

The classic cannon mounted upon the shield, held on the breast of each player’s strong, red shirt. This is the image that can be seen year round from fans and players and it resonates the message of unity and common goodness that Arsenal is so proud to spread. But why the cannon, the name “The Gunners”? Well, that comes from the club’s history. It all started with David Danskin and his co-workers at the Woolwich munitions factory. This is where the cannon symbol comes from, from the weapons that they would work together to create. This is something quite deeply rooted in football’s history, as football has always been a method of uniting the working class people with something they can all share.

As Arsenal began to grow and achieve more and more, they began to become a staple of the football community. But it is Herbert Chapman who is regarded as the one who innovated Arsenal and brought them into success, and who truly cemented the shirt as a cultural cornerstone. Chapman made a lot of changes and advancements, including the “WM” formation that revolutionized the game. But he also added the contrasting white sleeves to the Arsenal shirt and added the iconic numbers, numbers that have been bought by huge numbers of fans wishing to display their loyalty to their favourite club and player. These shirts are known worldwide, instantly recognisable wherever you see them and is the biggest reason as to why Arsenal is known so well both inside and outside of the UK.

What Else Does Arsenal Have?

Of course, it’s not just a shirt that has propelled Arsenal into the fame of football. It’s also the great Emirates Stadium, based in Arsenal’s home in Holloway, London. All the way back in 1997, Arsenal began looking to build their own home grounds to hold their fans and bring them the highest quality football they could, as well as providing an excellent training ground for the team. And so, they bought an industrial estate in Ashburton Grove in 2000, spending around four hundred million pounds and six years to construct the stadium, getting Emirates to sponsor the build and the team. With a capacity of 60,260, it is the fourth largest stadium in England after Wembley, Old Trafford and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. This stadium has held some of the team’s greatest games, seeing some of the most diverse plays and concerts, and a huge number of fans from all over.

Arsenal is really a staple of the football world, known all around for its fantastic, bold and classic shirt, as well as the beautiful stadium they have built. Combine this with the talent and willpower put into each and every game they play from their fantastic players, and it is clear to see why it is the most popular team in football even today.

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