HPNOTIQ Celebrates 20th Anniversary w/ T-PAIN & Fatboy SSE + Brand New Freezer Pops


Liqueur brand Hpnotiq — known for its blue-hued appearance and blend of exotic fruit juices, French vodka & a touch of cognac — is kicking off its 20 Year Anniversary with the help of T-Pain and their brand new line of Freezer Pops.

For 20 years, Hpnotiq has lived at the intersection of culture, music and nightlife as the liqueur has been prominently features in music videos, song lyrics and at the center table at the hottest nightclubs.

From selling cases out the trunk of cars to New York’s premiere restaurants and bars, Hpnotiq became the stylish New York club scene’s drink of choice in 2001. Hpnotiq was then featured in the lyrics and music videos of music’s biggest acts including Ludacris, Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, Lil’ Kim, Fabulous and many more. Since 2001, Hpnotiq has continued to be a mainstay in nightlife as one of the most iconiq brands in the industry.

To celebrate the milestone, the brand has launched a special content series featuring the iconiq liqueur. The series will feature social media personality Fatboy SSE, and artists such as T-Pain, Guapdad 4000, Beanz and Melii. The series will include everything from advice for up-and-coming artists, comedic skits and The Cosign – an existing franchise that invites celebrities to react to music videos and share their wisdom, insight and opinions.

The brand is also announcing brand new Hpno freezer pops as part of the celebration!

For more information, visit Hpnotiq.com.