Sports Stars Who Enjoy Rocking Out

Kobe Bryant
via Keith Allison / CC-BY-2.0

It is no secret that some actors have tried to cross over into the world of music. Some have had hits and been fairly successful. Bruce Willis, Molly Ringwald, and Scarlet Johansson have all recorded music and had it released.

Clearly being the world’s highest-paid female actor wasn’t enough for Johansson, and she needed chart dominance too. So far, scraping into the top ten in Belgium has been the highest chart position for her.

Some musicians have gone the other way and tried their hand at acting. Usually more successfully. How Hollywood would have coped without being able to call up Henry Rollins and Anthony Keidis for The Chase, nobody knows.

What may be more surprising though, is that there are a number of sports stars who also like to get out a guitar and noodle, or work out some stress on the drums. And some take this very seriously. 

What is the sudden urge to be a musician that everyone seems to have?

In the states, the NFL dominates the airwaves as far as sports are concerned, but Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles is using his saxophone to dominate other areas. His musical talents have seen him play with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

It isn’t just football stars and tennis players that are reaching for their saxophones, the general public is too.

What started out as an extended break from work last year, turned into a series of lockdowns and social restrictions. This then led to people craving something to keep their minds active before Netflix turned it all to mush.

It didn’t help that during the pandemic many sporting events were postponed too. With no games to watch, other activities were needed. Playing instruments was one hobby that emerged last year, and the sales figures prove it.

Now, some sports stars are getting involved too, and some have been doing it for some time. 

Are there really any sports stars taking music seriously?

Yes, there genuinely are some famous names who are doing more than just dabbling with a couple of notes.

Soccer (or football) legend, Pele, is rightly known for his talents on the pitch. He is viewed as being one of the finest players to have ever plied their trade on a football pitch. For some, he simply is the greatest.

Few players can match the skills that Pele showed while he was active, and he has done much for the game since. He also enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, and this helps him with one of his other activities.

Pele is heavily involved with a center that uses musical therapy for helping children. Music therapy has been proven to have many benefits when it comes to mental health issues and can help with physical recovery too. 

So there are other benefits from music apart from just pleasure?

Indeed there can be. Playing different instruments can bring a variety of physical benefits such as stronger arms, fingers, and back.

Posture can be helped by playing an instrument, and it can be a great way to relax. Music helps to relieve stress and anxiety, and it can help in lowering blood pressure.

As an athlete, playing an instrument is a very good way to spend time away from training and the game. 

Who are these sports stars that are also making a bid for rock superstardom?

When it comes to the most-watched sport in the world today, there is nothing to compare to football, sorry, soccer.

Soccer is enjoyed by about half the entire planet. It has billions of fans and hundreds of millions of active players. One very famous one is Petr Cech.

The former Chelsea goalkeeper, and former Czech Republic international, enjoys nothing more than getting behind his drum kit, and covering tracks by Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and System of a Down.

It isn’t only soccer that has been providing musical stars though. Keep on reading to see athletes from a variety of sports who like to pick up a guitar or tinkle on the ivories in private, or in public. 

Some famous sports stars who play musical instruments

The list below is not nearly exhaustive, but some are very musically talented. A search on YouTube will let you witness some of them in all their glory so you can decide.

The sports they play are wide, and there are representatives from the world of boxing, wrestling, basketball, golf, baseball, soccer, and football. Hope you enjoy it.

Kobe Bryant

Five-time NBA championship winner with the Lakers. This basketball legend will be remembered as one of the best players ever to entertain NBA fans.

Surprisingly, Kobe Bryant has a talent that many musicians do not have. He can play by ear. He used this gift to teach himself to play piano and then learned a piece of music just so he could play it for his wife.

Great basketball player, romantic husband. Way to go Kobe. 

Manny Pacquiao

Another athlete who excelled in his chosen sport, Manny Pacquiao has just retired from fighting as he has bigger plans in the future. Pacquiao has filed to run for President of his home country, the Philippines.

Before his political ambitions came through, he was busy breaking records in the boxing world and playing guitar outside of it. Yes, the tough Filipino likes to pick up the guitar and play some chords.

It is unknown whether the ex-boxer plays by ear. You can learn guitar chords through online resources that instantly show chords from songs. Unless you have Kobe Bryant’s talent. 

Bernie Williams

Four-time Golden Glove winner, and former Yankee, can play the classical guitar. He has also released an album through a record company owned by none other than Paul McCartney. 

John Daly

The big-hitting golfer may be one of the biggest surprises on this list, but he has recorded and released at least two albums. He sings and plays guitar, and has a penchant for country music.

John Cena and Dwayne Johnson

These former WWE wrestlers are now much more chilled than they were when they faced off together in the ring. John Cena taught himself to play the piano, and Dwayne Johnson has been seen attempting the ukulele, along with vocals

Alexis Sanchez and Alexi Lalas

The world of soccer is further represented by these two well-known names. Chilean international Sanchez is an avid piano player, while the former US has taken his love for music a little further. Lalas who played in the World Cup for the US has released a number of solo albums on which he sings and plays guitar. 

In conclusion

If you are already playing a sport then there is no harm in having a side hobby. You can pick up a guitar or even a ukulele and start to learn.

If you have access to keyboards or a piano then you could try this. There are easy ways to learn and get started and the internet can help. If you want to learn Taylor Swift chords then find an app that will show you these on-screen.

You can find chords for any of your favorite artists this way, and your progress will be swifter. Music can help you have a creative hobby off the field that won’t take away focus from your sport.