Nardo Wick Shares Icy New Video Single “I Be Chillin”

Jacksonville, Florida’s Nardo Wick is back with yet another banger for the streets. Released Friday (Aug. 27), his all-new video single, “I Be Chillin,” finds the young 19-year-old rapper rapidly flowing over sinister production. “I Be Chillin” follows Nardo’s recent single, “Pull Up,” “Shhh,” “Knock Knock,” and Judas And The Black Messiah Soundtrack’s “I Declare War” single.

Dripped in icy jewelry, flashy designer pieces, and heavy cash flow, Nardo has his way over the menacing beat. Reveling in his new success, Nardo takes time to enjoy the fruit of his labor with his team and his father, who actually helped launch his career by producing his beats. While the money continues to pour in, both Nardo and his gang stay true to their street beginnings and praise their new self-made glory.

His flow is direct and intense. He rides the entire beat as if he’s being given only one shot to say all that is on his mind. Everything Nardo desires to say, he says it with purpose. Nardo’s raw words paint a vivid picture for his listeners. With every lyric, you understand that he very much lives every word he is rapping.

Ion really too much f**k wit n****s I be chillin’

Checkin sh*t and doin hits that how we make a killin

I put it on my granny we sent n****s past the ceiling

N**** you was stealing I was robbing, its a difference

Nardo Wick on “I Be Chillin”

“I Be Chillin” follows two weeks after the Florida native was brought on stage by Lil Baby and Lil Durk. During Durk and Baby’s recent stop in Flordia, Nardo performed his highly acclaimed single, “Who Want Smoke,” which has garnered nearly 40 million streams across platforms. As fans cheered with utter excitement, the pair joined Nardo in unison as they all maniacally stomped the stage out.

Continuing to apply pressure, “I Be Chillin” furthers Nardo’s captivating run proving him to be one of 2021’s breakout stars and a rising force to keep your eyes on for sure.