Chelsea Collins’ “Wake Up At Our Funeral” is Modern Pop at its Finest

Showing no signs of slowing, the rising pop sensation, Chelsea Collins is back with yet another sharp, glossy pop hit. Arriving as her third official single from her upcoming debut EP, the 22-year-old returns with her sparkling new track, “Wake Up At Our Funeral.”

Released Friday (Aug. 27), the mellow track finds Collins reflective over a toxic relationship that nearly ended both she and her former flame. While dark and melancholic, Collins’ execution is pristine. Over groovy production, Collins’ shimmering pitch & smooth cadence transport listeners back to the days of Teenage Dream era Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and more. While the lyricism here is clearly gloomy and rather sad… Collins shines like no other. The production is warm, bubbly, and lighthearted.

Experience is Collins’ strongest asset. The multifaceted singer/songwriter/producer utilizes all of her life experiences to tell stories within her music. While the pain is evident, she utilizes those dark moments to create something even larger than herself. Because of this, “Wake Up At Our Funeral” feels and sounds so perfect.

“Wake Up At Our Funeral is about a love so toxic, thrilling, and passionate that you feel like you could die. You become so addicted to the highs and the lows that even though you know everything is about to end soon, you refuse to give it up.”

Chelsea Collins on “Wake Up At Our Funeral”

Another strong suit of Collins is her ability to both look to the past for inspiration while completely innovating an all-new sound. She never fails to create music that is authentic to her truth while also drawing comparisons to other legendary pop figures. The accompanying visual is very cinematic. Matching the song’s despondent energy, the cinematic video was shot at the eerie iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery. With fiery roses and her two pigtails, Chelsea invites viewers into her world.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Jay

With her debut EP arriving very soon, “Wake Up At Our Funeral” follows after Collin’s meaningful pop ballad, “Hotel Bed,” featuring Swae Lee, and her nostalgic, “Open Your Mouth” pop hit. Song after song, Chelsea Collins continues to prove her staying power. Using her clever lyricism and sheer raw talent, Collins takes contemporary pop and has her way with it. She has the “IT” factor that will inspire generations to come. While many come and go in this industry, the name Chelsea Collins will ring for many years to follow.

Stream “Wake Up At Our Funeral” on streaming platforms or watch the visual below.