Blxst & Bino Rideaux: “Sixtape 2” – Review

In a time of unwanted (and usually unasked for) sequels & reboots in both music and tv, both Blxst and Bino Rideaux shine and prevail on their latest project. Last month, the two came through with their highly anticipated Sixtape 2 project. When it comes to sequels or follow-up projects of any kind, many are usually reserved and hesitant to engage them. However, Sixtape 2 takes all of the charm, skill, and free-spirited energy from the first one and amplifies it. While the first project was very concise holding only 6 songs, Sixtape 2 doubles this. Released Friday (Jul. 16), the joint project feels like what summer is supposed to feel like – calm and free of worry.

Even with 12 songs, the two quickly glide through in nearly 30 minutes. They create a seamless, steady experience for their listeners to enjoy. With absolutely no features again, the two further strengthen their chemistry flowing together through all 12 tracks. They both effortlessly hold it down for the West Coast as providing versatility, swift bars, and pure confidence in each record. Sixtape 2 begins with the L.A. flavored, “Pop Out” opener track. Over Jay Millian’s bouncy production, Bino and Blxst get right to work. In the song, the two promise to “f*ck up” their respective lovers’ plans while also giving them whatever they desire. Here, they are confident (rightfully so) and self-assured. Both Bino and Blxst know what they bring to the table, and they simply remind their women on the tape’s opener.

As Sixtape 2 continues, some fans/listeners easily notice the project’s lead single, “Movie.” Relaxed and serene, “Movie” displays very joyous and warm energy that listeners typically associate with summer. The vibes are inevitable and the two mesh together much like Kobe and Shaq. There is no heavy bass booming beat, but rather smooth, peaceful production. The two praised the ways in which their lovers are authentic and hold them down despite their faults.

As the tape advances, the heartfelt songs increase even more. Beginning with “Might Do Well,” Blxst and Bino deliver yet another catchy, meaningful record. Again, the two focus on proving their love for their significant others through quality time, money, and sex. They are willing to go at whatever pace their ladies desire, they simply want to be with them. On “Program,” both Bino and Blxst instruct their lovers to respect their fast luxury lifestyles. The track is a laidback stunt record. The two flex their wealth, lifestyles, and sexual prowess.

Sixtape 2 moves incredibly fast. No song is more than three minutes. Despite that, the songs still undoubtedly strike the core. The formula for the tape is simple. Both Bino and Blxst reflect on their South Central uprisings, romance, money, the rise to success, and somehow successfully balancing it all. On “One of Them Ones,” the duo look at what they’ve become despite the ongoing pressure. Here, this feels like a trademark Blxst track. His influence and energy radiate throughout the entire song as he flows about putting his team on, staying true to himself, and being “one of them ones” built for this industry.

This sense of authenticity continues on “Accountable” as Bino and Blxst make it clear that anyone is replaceable. Like the song’s title, the two hold their lovers to a high standard. The very love they dish out, they expect to be given back. Even when they are not the easiest to love, they desire partners who will stick with them even in tough times. Otherwise, they will leave them right where they found them.

As listeners reach the second half of the tape, they are greeted with even more scorching anthems. The boastful Blxst-produced “Hate How Much” starts the second half as the project. Bino sets the tone for the record as he sings “I know you hate how much you f*ck with me.” Both he and Bino understand the swag they possess. Even when they mess up, they know that they are simply undeniable. Blxst follows up with the same bravado rapping, “Ayy, she can’t help but to love a n*gga (Shee)/Thick or thin, I’m still thuggin’ with you / You know better than to treat me like these other n*ggas/ You know I’ma hit it better if the grudge is bigger.”

“She Perfect” finds both of the artists raving about the ways that make their romantic interests perfect. From their sex, demeanor, and realness, Bino and Blxst go over the various elements that make these women so very perfect. Reflective and softer, “Stressful” finds the two praising their women for how they deal with both Bino and Blxst’s stressful ways. The two highlight how they continue to treat them special even in their wrongness. However, both Blxst and Bino know this about their partners. They know they hold them in a special place inside of their hearts.

Sixtape 2 ends with the heartfelt “Beginning to the Ending.” Blxst and Bino again highlight their ladies’ loyalty and realness. Blxst assures his woman that he is all in for her. Over another Blxst-produced track, the two acknowledge their dangerous lifestyles but also make it clear that life isn’t the same without their ladies by their side. While they want to continue to get to the money and elevate even further, they find it even the more pleasurable winning with their women.

Sixtape 2 picks up where the first left off and takes off running. The entire project is seamless. Every song flows right into the next. While there are moments of repetitiveness at times, the two display such a high level of versatility that it keeps you engaged and wanting more. It is one of this summer’s better projects. Lyrically the two put on a show. Bino Rideaux provides more of the edgier, raw, and raunchy lyrics whereas Blxst’s pen is more insightful, acute, and sharp. Both of them equally deliver as expected and only continue to show why they’ve been having the runs they’ve had so far.

Blxst recently was placed in the 2021 XXL Freshmen Class while Bino has been riding the success of his 2020 debut album, Outside. The album recruited talents such as Ty Dolla $ign, Mozzy, and more. Sixtape 2 further showcases the beautiful chemistry between both Blxst and Bino. From their hooks and choruses to their remarkable pen games, the two blend in a way that is simply unheard of. They continue to put on for the West Coast and take Hip-Hop/R&B to even newer heights.