Chelsea Collins Fuels Heavy Nostalgia on New Pop Anthem “Open Your Mouth”

Keeping her foot on the gas, the 22-year-old rising pop sensation, Chelsea Collins is back with a brand new banger. This time around, the young star takes listeners to the days of the early 2000s pop with her new track, Open Your Mouth. Channeling her fiercest Britney Spears appeal, Collins rages through with this power-pop anthem that infiltrates your heart and body on the very first listen.

Released Friday (Jul. 9), “Open Your Mouth,” pays homage to the early 2000s but still creates an unfelt brand new appeal. Using her phenomenal rockstar vocals and boy band energy, she demands her lover to truly reveal how he feels. The “relationship” leaves her in a frenzy of uncertainty and doubt. Because of this, she requires reassurance and actual communication to let her know the love remains. Swimming in the sea of her overwhelming thoughts, she nearly drivers herself insane trying to understand this ghostlike figure and his motives.

Drawing inspiration from real life, the new song comes from an actual previous relationship in Collins’ life.

“‘Open Your Mouth’ is a song I wrote about a guy I was dating who would vanish every two weeks, but then he’d come back and make me feel loved. I could never read his intentions. It was a sad and confusing situation, so I turned it into something positive that makes me want to jam out like I’m at the Freaky Friday high school talent show.”

Chelsea Collins on “Open Your Mouth” single.

Much like Collins’ words, the song definitely feels like a song on a coming-of-age movie from 2003. However, while many unsuccessfully try this formula, Collins’ excels. Her vocals are sharp. The production is flawless. She even makes those who may not listen to pop/rock on a regular enjoy the song. The accompanying visual fuels further nostalgia with the Collins appearing in a Mean Girls-inspired bedroom. Filled with pillow fights, troll dolls, and heavy pink, Chelsea flawlessly executes her vision. Her on-scene boyfriend appears to have his mouth literally sewn shut. Emotionless and lifeless, he looks on as she tries to reason with him.

Photo by Chris Villa

The new single arrives after her sensational hit, “Hotel Bed,” featuring the charismatic Swae Lee. “Open Your Mouth” also marks Collins’ second single from her forthcoming debut EP. As she continues to create music, she grows more and more into the pop star she was destined to be. The song is so catchy and it feels like one of those timeless, iconic, pop-rock songs that people of all backgrounds enjoy.

From her songwriting and voice to her production skills, Collins’ is most definitely a rising force. With songs like “Open Your Mouth,” it is only a matter of time until the world screams the name that is, Chelsea Collins.

Stream “Open Your Mouth” on streaming platforms or watch the visual below.