Here’s Why LA’s Don DiestrO’s New Visual / New Single” Trust” Is Perfect for the Summer

Have you ever heard a song that feels exactly like the season you’re in (or about to enter into)? From the production to the very sound of the artist’s voice, the record literally takes you on a journey. This is exactly what L.A.’s own, Don DiestrO does for his listeners when they tune into his sound. When you think of the summertime, you usually imagine good times, great vibes, and unforgettable memories. The weather is warmer and even for just a brief moment, all feels right and cozy within the world.

While the name may be new to the minds of many, the energy that flows from DiestrO is utterly contagious. The L.A.-born-and-raised artist isn’t your typical artist. Beginning as a producer, the young talent burst on the West Coast Trap scene producing sounds for other breakthrough artists such as Neff The Pharaoh, RJMrLa, and more. Like all of us, DiestrO spent time seeking purpose and inspiration. From this search, a much-needed hiatus, and hard work, he was able to discover his true sound… a sound much differential than Trap.

Tapping into a more Indie-Pop/Contemporary R&B appeal, DiestrO found his true home. From there the rest is history. Still fresh in the game, DiestrO began his musical career with the release of his debut EP, Dear Summer, in 2019. Ditching a previous career path in 2018, DiestrO took a leap of faith and landed on his feet successfully. Since arriving on the scene, he has released a string of singles through 2020 leading up to the release of his upcoming second EP, Wish You Well.

Photo courtesy of Bre Sherrie

On DiestrO’s “Trust,” those previously stated elements of warmth and feel-good energy are translated into an almost 3-minute song. Released on Thursday (May. 27), “Trust” is an exploration. DiestrO navigates through both the various highs and lows of budding love. Of course in every new relationship, there’s the honeymoon phase. Lovers experience utter bliss, euphoria, and happiness. However, DiestrO also highlights the bumps, the sharp turns, and the negatives in these relationships.

Diving into emotional vulnerability, he sings about putting pride aside in an attempt to learn one another. Instead of not acknowledging their fears, he runs towards them as he asks his lover to break down their walls and connect with each other

“Can we just put our pride aside / and let our hearts decide / I know you don’t wanna take no risk / but you gotta put trust in this.”

Don DiestrO – Trust

Over funky bass and harmonic keys, DiestrO ushers in a sound that is both refreshing yet familiar. His delivery and cadence remind listeners of Khalid while the song’s production almost makes you think of Post Malone and Swae Lee’s “Sunflower” track. Diestro’s voice soothes and cradles listeners as he calmly yet passionately sings.

The accompanying visual effortlessly matches the song’s energy. Directed by Davon Lavor, Drew Robinson, and Mr. DiestrO himself, the video takes viewers on a hot road trip. Alongside his beautiful co-star/social media influencer, Sydney Stanford, the two breathe pure life into the video. The two tell the narrative of being young, in love, and all of the various experiences that come with a brand new romance.

Ultimately, Don’s talent explodes both on and off-camera. His skills both as an artist and producer shine bright for all to see. While almost carefree, his voice and delivery are still so distinct and organic. If this is your very first time tuning into his sound, it most certainly will not be the last. DiestrO has such a bright future ahead of him. And if Wish You Well is anything like “Trust,” the future of R&B is in solid hands.