Blxst & Bino Rideaux Kickoff Summer with New Single “Movie”

With Memorial Day now behind us, the anticipation for summer is higher than ever. The season of wearing less and going out more has officially commenced. As temperatures rise, vaccinations increase, and covid restrictions lighten, it’s a “movie” this coming summer. And, as the outside world continues to open, the desire for summer anthems has started.

With the cry for summer bangers increasing, both Blxst and Bino Rideaux have risen to the occasion. That’s right, the South Central artists have teamed up again to release a brand-new joint single. Released Friday (May. 28), “Movie” arrives as the official lead single for Blxst and Bino’s highly anticipated Sixtape 2, the sequel to their 2019 collaborative mixtape. “Movie” follows after Blxst’s surprise release EP Just For Clarity. For Bino, the track follows his full-length debut, Outside, which released last year.

Taking on the challenge, both Blxst and Bino are ready to keep the pressure applied and heat the summer up yet again. When speaking on joining forces again, Blxst shared, “Me and Bino are like Shaq and Kobe, it’s only right we doubled back for part two to tear the summer up. β€œLA is looking good right now; we have to keep the torch lit.”

Keeping the exact energy, Bino also elaborated on working with Blxst on Sixtape and bringing out “vibes.” “When Sixtape dropped it felt like everything tha city needed that summer…from bad b*****s to street n****s to old folks and kids. Me and Blxst on a tracc together guaranteed to bring that vibe out you.

The single finds the two rising LA greats melodiously blending both of their Hip-Hop/R&B influences together flawlessly. Over that notable West Coast production, the two mesh together with pure ease. Almost like a primetime Kobe and Shaq duo, the two deliver the vibes, feels, and quality. The record is a full embodiment of what summertime feels like – joyous, free, and warm.

Blxst begins by consciously self-evaluating as he looks back at his faults and ways as it pertains to relationships.

I gotta be patient with relationships

But you should know (You should know by now)

Heart on my sleeve, don’t go breakin’ it

I’m chasin’ it, I can’t go broke

Lock you down, you can’t break no code

When I’m not around, gotta stay low, low

I’m not the easiest to deal with

But I got you, I’m toxic, just a little bit (Oh, oh)


In the same breath, they give accolades to their leading ladies for their authenticity. Bino flows from the heart as he demands only realness and love from his woman. Despite their guarded nature, they desire to build something true with their lovers. Much like this coming season, both Bino and Blxst want to make this relationship a true movie.

While the song runs a little over 2 minutes, it leaves listeners not only excited for their forthcoming project but also wanting even more. The chemistry the two have on “Movie” translates amazingly well on wax and kicks off the summer in the utmost perfect manner. With no official release date yet announced, fans can expect Sixtape 2 this summer.