Macy Gray’s My Good Foundation Teams With French Brand Twins For Peace

Macy Gray x Twins For Peace

Sustainable footwear company Twins For Peace, through its social impact initiative, is pleased to announce a collaboration with My Good and its founder, Grammy award-winner Macy Gray, on a limited edition series of sneaker releases. Macy Gray co-designed each pair of shoes, scheduled to be released in April, and for every pair of sneakers purchased, Twins For Peace will donate a percentage of the proceeds to My Good to help families who have lost loved ones to police brutality.

After receiving an invite to a My Good benefit Nana Baffour, Executive Chairman of Twins For Peace emotionally connected to the stories of family members left to pick up the pieces after losing loved ones to police brutality. Immediately, Mr. Baffour decided to take action. He explains, “As a Black man and a father of a Black son, the issue of police violence strikes a personal chord with me and I am proud that through Twins for Peace, we can partner with Macy Gray and the wonderful people at My Good to impact this great cause through financial support and sustainable footwear.” Twins For Peace has worked with NGOs in Colombia, Cameroon, Mozambique, India, Haiti, Mali, Senegal and is excited to begin humanitarian initiatives in the United States with this timely Soles To Souls collaboration with My Good.

The families who have lost loved ones to police brutality suffer emotionally and financially with many families seeking answers and never receiving justice. My Good was founded with these families in mind, by providing long-term financial, grief support, and mental health services. After the media coverage goes away and a new family experiences a loss, the families impacted will continue to suffer throughout their lives with many often feeling forgotten. The collaboration between My Good and Twins For Peace is an effort to bring social awareness and offer long-term support for the families directly impacted. Everyone can get involved by wearing and supporting our products. This will allow My Good and Twins for Peace to keep the families of police brutality uplifted, supported, and reminded that they are not alone. Every step we take will bring us closer together and help a family in need and heal as we walk in peace.

“I have always been a fan of sneakers and partnering with Twins for Peace was a no-brainer, their values soulfully align with My Good,” said Gray. “This collaboration is an effort that will benefit families in need, as well as draw attention to the incredible work Twins for Peace, does worldwide. While on the road and even during this past year where comfort is key, sneakers have been a staple in my wardrobe and it was an honor to be able to help design this collection that is not only fashion-forward but gives back in such a humanitarian way.”

The objective of Soles To Souls is to encourage people to walk in peace and consciously use the soles of Twins For Peace’s shoes to touch the souls and hearts of others. While much-needed attention has been paid to the impact of police violence on communities of color, police brutality is not only experienced by people of color, everyone could potentially have a negative encounter with law enforcement making police brutality a national issue.

“Twins For Peace and My Good created the collaboration to offer the opportunity to shop with a purpose, connect to humanity and encourage everyone to make a change through voting and getting involved in the community and local government,” says Max Mussard founder and designer of Twins For Peace. “Each shoe tells a story and carries with it the care and affection of those who built it. When you support the collab ‘TFP + My Good: From Soles to Souls,’ you are also part of this virtuous cycle of humanitarian values and sustainability that certainly helps people in need.”

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