D Smoke Partners with Spotify Singles to Release Two New Singles

If this global pandemic has shown anything at all, it is that music never stops. Despite the unpredictable, changing world around us, music has remained an unstoppable, constant force. While the methodology and strategies behind it continue to evolve, the essence of music will never cease. As we approach The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards this Sunday (Mar. 14), what better a way to celebrate than with… more music?

Partnering with Spotify’s “Spotify Singles,” Inglewood’s D Smoke is back with two hot new records. Following talents such as Phoebe Bridgers and CHIKA, The 35-year-old is the next GRAMMY Best New Artist Nominee to partner with Spotify Singles. Continuing to remain fresh, innovative, and relevant, Smoke decided to record not one but two brand-new records for the partnership with Spotify.

Released Wednesday (Mar. 10), D Smoke sets the tone on the first song paying homage to the legendary 1986 GRAMMYS Best New Artist winner, Sade, on his first new record, “Sade.” Soulful and passionate, Smoke raps about creative musical expression and the bond he shares with music. The relationship between both he and music is impervious to outside forces that he raps, “Music you’re my only wife.”

His texture, articulation, and execution are buttery. His words melt on the canvas of listeners’ minds nearly healing us with each syllable. The song while obviously paying respect to the legend also reminds listeners of her energy. It feels good to the core. It’s pleasing to the soul and ear.

On his second exclusive Spotify release, Smoke teams up with Snoopy D. O. double G for the official remix to “Gaspar Yanga,” a notable cut from his incredible 2020 album, Black Thoughts. Here, Smoke is more tenacious. His flow takes listeners back to his roots in Inglewood. Snoop adds that classic gangsta appeal as the two apply pure pressure.

Smoke shows off his multi-cultural background rapping in Spanish over the warrior-styled anthem. Again, his flow is sharp, his words are intentional, and his delivery is cinematic.

Prior to the release, Smoke also shared his excitement of the new tracks with Spotify.

I’m proud to put out two songs on the same day that represent both sides of me. ‘Gaspar Yanga (Remix)’ with its warrior-chant sound and aggressive language, pays homage to the Afro-Latino liberator by the same name, who successfully led a revolution, while ‘Sade’ speaks to the complexities of love and artistry. These songs together serve as a 1-2 punch from the heart of Inglewood.”

D smoke on new spotify releases

The seasoned “rookie” has not one but two official GRAMMY nominations this year for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album. We look forward to seeing what the future brings D Smoke and if he will walk away as a winner from the biggest night in music.