Blxst Returns With Surprise EP, “Just For Clarity”

Blxst Just for clarity

Continuing to apply further pressure, the rising West Coast great, Blxst is back! Following his critically acclaimed debut EP, No Love Lost, the chef is back in the kitchen. This time around, the multit-talented returns with a mysterious, surprise drop entitled, Just For Clarity. Released Friday (Mar. 12), the two-tracked EP recruits the notorious hitmaker himself, Russ and fellow L.A. native, Drakeo the Ruler. This new project also marks Blxst’s first release of the year.

Although concise, “Just For Clarity” further highlights Blxst’s skill in songwriting, rapping, production, mixing, and overall artistry.

Photo by Miguel Garcia

On the EP’s opener, “Don’t Forget,”Blxst provides a smooth, soulful mid-tempo melody. Sleek, smooth, and velvety, he confidently flows about forgiving but never forgetting. A characteristic in all of Blxst’s music is his confidence. His words are intentional, direct, and passionate. He looks at his success, the fake & phony crowd, and his increase in wealth and stature. Despite making a name for himself, he continues to remain humble and graceful (even while in his Givenchy slides). Drakeo carries the second verse with his unconventional raspy delivery. His West Coast essence is felt throughout the entirety of his verse. Seamless and smooth, the two create a subtle, calm banger.

On the alluring anthem, “Fck Boys,” Blxst teams up with Mr. hit king himself, Russ to do something special for the ladies. The two share their feelings to women who’ve previoulsy been hurt time and time again. Poetic and serene, they let their ladies know that while they have dealt with the “f*ck boys” in the past, they are nothing like them. They acknowledge the pain their love interests have felt while assuring them that they will be the standard that changes their very lives. The production is peaceful and aids in the message delivered within the song.

While remaining true to his West Coast roots, Blxst further enhances his artistry and skill on “Just For Clarity.” He stays consistent in his messages of love, pain, authenticity, and growth. The L.A. native’s art of storytelling is fluent, expressive, and unique. There simply is no one out who is doing the game like Blxst.

Hopefully we will continue to see and hear more of Blxst throughout the year.