Here’s Why Mcamp’s “Sexy In the Morning” Is Exactly What R&B Needs Right Now

Now more than ever, R&B has evolved to reach new, outstanding heights. It seems as though there are new artists and sounds releasing every other day. The lists of incredible talents are dramatically long. However, a name that should be on every single one of those lists is Mcamp!

If that name rings no bells right now, that’s completely fine. Because within the next few years, he will literally be an unforgettable force within the music industry. At only 21 years of age, Portland’s own, Michael Campanelli, better known as Mcamp is reimagining R&B according to his terms. Multi-faceted, experimental, and insanely polished, the singer, songwriter, and producer provides a refreshing sound to R&B. The full-time USC college student manages to transport listeners to the captivating sounds of previous R&B decades while still maintaining an utterly new, exciting appeal. The young artist starts his new year off with his groovy brand new single, “Sexy In the Morning!”

Released Friday (Jan. 29), the self-produced “Sexy In the Morning heavily channels Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience” era. Over melodic, lulling production, Mcamp creates a timeless ballad of love.

MCAMP by MaDdie Collet

While very fresh in the game, Mcamp has already begun to make huge strides early on in his music career. Having both released and produced several singles, the self-proclaimed hopeless romantic has started to build remarkable momentum. He already holds over 23,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His exceptional, soul-filled 2019 single, “Speed Dial No. 1” has reached nearly 900,000 streams across streaming platforms. The single radiates immense Daniel Caesar & Musiq Soulchild quality. With each release, Camp simply continues to grow and expand his range as an artist even more.

The young singer even met and performed for the iconic Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds in his studio! In my interview (read the full interview here) with him, Mcamp shared that the opportunity came from his manager and founder of “The FADER,” Rob Stone.

“That was just my manager, Rob. Honestly, it beats me. I guess he just had some connections that were close with Babyface and that guy suggested, “Yo, you should meet this kid.” That was it. It was actually like the night before type sh*t too.”

“He (Babyface) didn’t even know it was happening until that night, less than 24 hours before I went over there. That was one of the most nerve-wracking days of my life. I remember I was on the street about an hour and a half early. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for that.” 

Mcamp on meeting Babyface

In its essence, “Sexy In the Morning” is a compassionate love letter to Mcamp’s girlfriend. Utterly awestruck and joyful, he sings about the ways in which she makes him happy. Waking up to his magnificent view of her fills his soul with pure ecstasy. He appreciates her radiant beauty, compelling, sexual appeal, and total glory. His gentle-yet-excellent vocal display reminds listeners of legendary artists (and Mcamp’s influences) such as Smokey Robinson, D’Angelo, Pharrell, and even Justin Timberlake. From beginning to end, Mcamp delivers this timeless R&B gem that leaves listeners thirsting for more.

Like an enchanting dream, “Sexy In the Morning” takes listeners straight to the clouds. From the catchy, dreamy chorus to the production and vocal display, Mcamp entices his listeners with suave style and charm. The track is very mature and intended for the grown-and-sexy crowd. Think of your favorite comfort food or meal – that is exactly what the song feels like. It’s pleasing to the core. It brings a level of tranquility that blesses listeners’ souls. His Motown-like appeal really shines throughout the entire song (and his music in general) and it literally feels perfect. Blending enjoyable percussive textures, and angelic chords, he manages to construct an outstanding bedroom R&B banger.

As it pertains to how this funky record came about? Camp shares that it was actually a bit difficult initially. After a few tries and sparking a new love, he was able to execute and create the record.

“I had this idea for sexy in the morning and I ended up writing probably three different half-songs to the idea of “Sexy In the Morning” with different beats that I had made and none of it felt right… It started at the beginning of quarantine (that idea) and like I said before, I didn’t have any inspiration. I genuinely had not seen a girl in months. I was like, “How am I going to write this song about this?” So I couldn’t get past that barrier. I made three different beats. I tried three different times.”

“Eventually, I was quarantined in this hotel in Los Angeles and I make this beat and I started freestyling over it. “Sexy In the Morning” comes back and I come up with this hook idea. I gave my friend a call and he helped me flush out the lyrics. I get the hook down and I sit on it for a couple of weeks, and then I meet my now-girlfriend and she pushed that inspiration to the next level where I was able to finish the song.”

Mcamp on making “Sexy In the Morning”

Incredibly talented and gifted, Mcamp is literally just heating up! While mirroring past artists, his sound gives an innovative, enthralling experience for today’s listeners. His ear for production along with his soulful spirit sets him apart from other artists today. 2021 will definitely be his year. Again, while the name “Mcamp” may sound foreign now, you’ll definitely see the name in the headlines across the world soon (and for many years to come)!