Bernie Sanders Card Breaks Topps NOW Records

Topps x Bernie Sanders

After a week on-sale, the Topps NOW Bernie Sanders card has sold 91,169 cards – breaking records for the Topps trading card company.

Now sold out, the card surpasses the previous record held by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Topps NOW card in 2020, which had 51,512 prints.

The Bernie Sanders card from the Presidential Inauguration shot that became a viral meme sensation and now holds the title with the highest number of print runs to date in Topps NOW history.

In other pop culture news from Topps, as the Wall Street saga continues, the company is capturing these historic moments with an all new set of Garbage Pail Kids cards.

Available now, the new 12 card set is available for one week only and features cards with Bernie Sanders, Elon Musk, Reddit vs. Wall Street, and more, for $19.99. Visit now to order the set.

Garbage Pail Kids