Why Lake Travis is Where You Should Build Your Next Custom House

Why Lake Travis is Where You Should Build Your Next Custom House
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Do you have big plans to build your own home, fully customized to your needs and preferences? Even if you have the plans in place and know exactly what you want your house to look at, you may not have settled on a location just yet. As you may know, whether you intend to resell your property eventually or not, location is one of the most important considerations you need to factor into when building and buying property.

With so many great places to set up home, you may be a little stuck as to where you may want to build that property. One place you may be aware of that has been attracting a lot of attention from buyers and contractors is around Lake Travis, one of the 6 Highland Lakes chains that run from the Colorado River, in Austin, Texas. Why is it so popular, though, and why should you choose Lake Travis Custom Homes to help make your dream home a reality? That’s what we are going to explore in this post.

Stunning Scenery

Perhaps the biggest reason why so many people are drawn to Austin and the Lake Travis area, in particular, is the scenery. This is the place to experience the best the Hill country has to offer. If you are looking for paradisaic-like conditions in a backdrop like no other for your new custom home, without leaving the US or Texas, then Lake Travis should definitely be top of your list.

There is so much on offer here. Rolling hills, the beautiful and pristine Lake Travis itself, and many thousands of majestic and impressive trees and greenery.

Do you enjoy spending time exploring the natural world in your free time? Lake Travis is where you should settle. There are plenty of amazing places to visit for natural beauty like Horseshoe Bend, Krause Springs, Reimer Ranch, and Silver’s Trail.

Convenient Access to the City

Even if you would prefer to have one foot in the countryside and one foot in more urban, metropolitan landscapes, Lake Travis is a great choice of location for your custom home. You are far away from the big city that you can have a relaxing and quieter existence, but close enough that you still have easy access to a multitude of great places to eat, enjoy entertainment and work for prestigious, inner-city employers. Downtown Austin takes just 25 minutes to reach by car, and there are also great public transport links.

Exciting and Interesting Shopping

Following nicely from the above, if you are something of a shopaholic or just need to know you can get all the things you need, Lake Travis delivers and then some. For instance, there is the Barton Creek Square Mall that is home to all of the best and biggest department stores, as well as all those popular specialty stores you get anywhere else in the country.

Then at The Hill Country Galleria, located in Bee Caves, you have a jaw-dropping 500,000-sq-ft of shopping including numerous great boutique stores and retail outlets. There is no shortage of great shopping to do wherever you go around Lake Travis, with Lakeway being another regular haunt for locals.

High-Quality Education

Some of the best Independent School District schools in all of Travis County are found in and around Lake Travis. There is a total of 5 elementary and 2 middle schools to choose from along with 1 high school. Lake Travis is also soon to become a 5A school district that will offer some of the best athletic and academic programs in the county and state. In fact, Newsweek named its high school as one of America’s Best High Schools and the TEA ranked it as Exemplary.

Perfect For Golfers

It would be really remiss of us to not mention one pastime that many locals, young and old, enjoy in and around Lake Travis – golf. This area is truly a golfing paradise, with the option of 4 amazing golf courses that each have unique touches, including Horseshoe Bay, Falconhead, and Lakecliff. One that gets a lot of praise and people love because of its owner is Pedernales Golf Club that was established and is owned by local musical legend and country star Willie Nelson. There are many other things we could say about Lake Travis. The people are friendly and welcoming, the amenities throughout the area of a good standard, and the area is only going to be in greater demand with time. Therefore, if you really want a great place to build your custom home, whether it’s your forever home or you will be looking to resell it further down the line, Lake Travis is one location you should give some serious thought about.