KBFR Kicks Off New Year With “WEGO”

KBFR – WEGO (feat. Conor Matthews)

If you have never heard the name “KBFR” that will all change very soon. Back and ready to conquer the new year, the young West Philly artist is ready to keep adding fuel to the flame with his newest track, “WEGO.” Released Friday (Jan. 15), assisted by Conor Matthews, the two deliver both unseen and unfelt charisma with the new catchy single.

Before entering the new year, KBFR, which stands for the rapper’s first name Kelby “For Real,” made his way into the spotlight with his 2020 viral, quarantine hit “Hood Baby.” While the track was already attracting many, the football player-turned-rapper then elevated the track with a clever comical visual to accompany the song.

Days after the song’s release, KBFR’s friends/team then developed the #HoodBabyShuffle and the record gained even further traction. Achieving the likes and attention of notable figures/celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Ciara, Shay Mitchell, Jason Derulo, and more, the shuffle then transformed into the #HoodBabyChallenge on TikTok.

Hood Baby Challenge

“Hood Baby” went on to generate over 30 million audio streams and over 3.5 million TikTok generated videos. With much momentum, KBFR is kicking off the year with the irresistible, “WEGO!”

Produced by Evan Garner & Jae Green, the new, spicy, uptempo “WEGO” further exhibits the talent that is KBFR. Utilizing a children’s choir, both KBFR and Conor Matthews deliver an innovative, invigorating trap appeal. KBFR’s bars are agile and steady. Rapping about his newfound wealth and stature, he maintains a relentless flow. He starts by making note of his dreams and taking risks that have led him to this very moment. From there, he highlights his attraction to the finer things as well as luxury spending and living. And of course, KBFR raps about the women he encounters, their allure, and how he might slip up dealing with this fine woman in particular.

The song contains a Spanish zest that meshes well with the hard-hitting trap booming beat. From beginning to end, KBFR paints a picture for his listeners. He tells a story but manages to maintain a fun attractiveness that makes you continue to listen (and even enjoy it as you play it). From the song’s production to the chorus and lyrics, there’s a humorous charm many will spot and appreciate throughout the song’s entirety. While fun and playful, the bars provide a story… KB’s story.

Only a couple of weeks into the new year and KBFR is definitely making a name for himself. Again, if you have not heard the name before, you definitely will in 2021.