Rubi Rose Owns Her Narrative on Her Debut Mixtape “For The Streets”

Rubi Rose - For The Streets

Before starting 2021, Kentucky’s own, Rubi Rose ended 2020 with a surprise release of her debut mixtape, “For The Streets!” Released on Christmas Day, the official debut runs for only 19 minutes and holds only 8 songs. The project also contains two features from both PartyNextDoor and Future.

If unfamiliar with the GSU educated rapper, Rubi Rose has been in the industry since appearing as a video girl for Migos’ iconic “Bad and Boujee” hit. Since then, the 22-year-old has further evolved from her vixen days while placing more emphasis on the music. Before officially releasing her first mixtape, she made way onto the music scene with her 2019 break-out hit “Big Mouth.”

Since the viral single, Rose has further built momentum with a multitude of feature verses & a string of singles such as “Pogo,” featuring K Camp, “Pretty MF,” and the mixtape’s commanding, lead single, “He In His Feelings.”

For The Streets begins with a gritty, hard-hitting intro. Here, listeners get a slight taste of the bossy bars and sensual distinct voice of Rubi Rose. Along the intro, Cardi B appears in a brief interlude giving her stamp of approval on the young rapper’s style, delivery, and voice.

I like Rubi Rose music, I like her voice a lot

Like, it’s like, I like her voice, like, it just (Thank you)

It just, it just goes with it

Like a lot of female artists, like, they don’t have that voice

Like, you could rap, and rap and rap and rap

But if you don’t have that voice

You just don’t have it.”

Cardi B on “Intro / Cardi B Interlude”

Following Cardi’s send off, Rubi jumps into action on the project’s head single “He In His Feelings.” Produced by JayUncut & Young Roamin, Rubi controls her narrative. She knows everything from her flow to her body is top tier and she makes it known. Her flow is nimble and clean. Her voice along with her explicit lyricism and originality make the track an instant banger on the first listen.

Liberation and power are two heavy themes seen within For The Streets. Whether it be her money, body, sexuality, etc., Rubi asserts her power throughout the tape. She reminds her female haters that she’s much more than a pretty face and she’s willing to take it to whatever level is necessary. For the fellas, while she acknowledges them, she makes it crystal clear that she needs them for nothing more than mere enjoyment / pleasure. For example, on “Bailar,” Rubi laughs in her opposition’s face all the way to the bank. Unfazed and unbothered, she mocks girls who secretly are jealous of her success. She even shouts out Only Fans noting the wealth she acclaimed from the platform.

Listeners reach the tape’s stand out at the sensual “Whole Lotta Liquor.” Assisted by both Future and PartyNextDoor, Rubi takes the song and creates a purely sexual aura from beginning to end. While maintaining her hard flow, she incorporates erotic, raw, vivid lyrics. Future and Party add the intoxicating, melodic chorus / outro that mirror the song’s title. Again, Rubi’s voice is just alluring. She is utterly captivating and causes many of us to fall within her entrancing spell.

The tape ends with the upbeat “Viral.” Ending in the same manner she started, Rubi relentlessly flows over drill production taking aim at the messy dudes who try to constantly discredit her. While quickly laying down blueprints to how “bad bitches” conduct themselves, Rubi also highlights her success and wealth. She compares herself to being a “bad boy like Diddy” as she looks back at what she’s already accomplished thus far since beginning her music career. She also takes aim at all dudes letting them know this is her world and she simply allows them to exist in it (or not) if she chooses.

Overall, For The Streets is a solid stepping stone for Rubi to further elevate from. Her unique voice sets her apart from other fellow female rappers. Her hardcore flow mirrors artists before her such as Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, etc. As women continue to shake the music scene, it is a no brainer that Rubi Rose should be on your radar in the new year. With her distinct voice, demanding bars, and heavy sensuality, Rubi Rose is definitely an upcoming force.