Blxst & Dom Kennedy Bring Art to Life on New “Got It All” Visual


Following the release of his No Love Lost Deluxe release, the rising West Coast sensation, Blxst is back with an all-new visual! Teaming with none other than the legendary Dom Kennedy, the two get creative and artistic in the hit, lead single, “Got It All.” Directed by Patrick “Blu” Haynes, the wavy visual takes artistry to new forms.

Released Thursday (Dec. 17), the video begins with Blxst sitting, drawing, and admiring his real-life inspiration in front of him. As it continues various types of beautiful women flash across the screen. Matching the song’s lyrics, the video showcases both Dom and Blxst praising and applauding these lovely unique beauties. The pair even exhibit some of their own artistic skillfulness painting various words/figures over a white background canvas.

As they continue to explore the art gallery, Dom is accompanied by a beautiful, caramel goddess as he suavely delivers his verse. The two continue to explore the gallery while he flows to her. Dom spits his game to her while treating her like the astounding body of work she is. As the video reaches the end, Blxst, Dom, and Dom’s lovely interest come together, admiring more artwork throughout the gallery. The concept here is very simple yet completely enjoyable.

While mirroring the theme of the song the smooth visual takes the track to even higher levels and amplifies the vibes even more. The West Coast energy is heavily shown (and felt) throughout the video. While this year has been … a whirlwind, Blxst continues to apply pressure and keep his foot on the gas! What better way to cap off 2020?