Mozzy Recruits Blxst for First RapCaviar x Spotify Singles Collaboration – “Keep Hope”

With 2020 finally ending, what better a way to cap it off then by making history? For Spotify’s final “Spotify Singles” release of the year, Sacramento’s Mozzy arrives with his newest single “Keep Hope.” Released Friday (Dec. 11), tapping fellow West Coast native, rising star, Blxst, Mozzy’s “Keep Hope” makes history becoming the first ever Rap Caviar affiliated Spotify Singles.

If unfamiliar, Rap Caviar has created a new social media franchise entitled, “#BreakfastBars. Here, the social handle @RapCaviar challenges artists to freestyle based on trending topics / current events within the world. If you’re wondering, “what does this have to do with Mozzy’s new song?” Hang on tight. Back in September the 33-year-old was challenged to do the first freestyle. He quickly replied with a dope freestyle on Covid 19, the late Kobe Bryant, Breonna Taylor, Only Fans, and former President Barrack Obama.

Following the sharp-tongued freestyle, Spotify’s Head of Urban Music, Carl Chery immediately replied requesting Mozzy create a song from this. In just three words, Mozzy replied again saying, “send the beat.” From the online interaction, Mozzy received a beat, and the rest is history.

Over the moving Tariq Beatz-produced Beat, Mozzy not only brings the freestyle to life, but adds further passion and feel to the topics discussed in the freestyle. Blxst adds that a touching, powerful chorus to the track singing about keeping hope despite the losses and pain.

Yะตah, fightin’ my demons, it’s a battle within

For all my fallen soldiers, light a candle again

They say that He don’t put you through what you can’t handle, you dig?

For all my losses, I turn on my savage and win, I gotta (Yeah)

I gotta keep hope, yeah

Only way is up but it’s a steep slow

I feel the pain cuttin’ deep though

All I know is, all I know is gotta keep hope

Blxst on “Keep Hope”

Mozzy reassures listeners telling them the codes to follow in order to continue to get through this turbulent year, and life in general. He reflects on his blessings and look after the various members of his village. He also takes note of those who will fall off his path.

“Keep Hope” provides a glimpse of light to these trying times. While this has been one of the hardest years for many across the world, Mozzy reminds listeners to keep their head up, stay uplifted, and continue to keep their course. There has been much loss and pain but Mozzy reminds us to literally keep hope in the end.

Continuing to make his mark, Mozzy concludes the fiery year of Spotify Singles. His “Keep Hope” track joins the lengthy list of over 500 Spotify Singles to date. While the year has been very heavy, much beauty has come from the rain. Congratulations to both Mozzy and Blxst on making history!