Aminé Delivers “Limbo (Deluxe)”

Four months after its release and Aminé is back with the Deluxe edition of the album. Released Friday (Dec. 4), the revamped project features 7 new songs as well as 4 visuals. For his first ever Deluxe project, the Portland rapper recruits a small roster of artists. The Deluxe features Valee, Saba, Toosii, and more. Picking back up where he left off, Aminé continues to apply pressure on the additional tracks.

On the Deluxe’s intro, “Mrs. Clean,” the West Coast rapper sets the tone with nimble lyricism and animated flow. Over Pi’erre Bourne’s notable, bouncy production, Aminé welcomes listeners to “Aminé University.” He notes that from his style, swagger, and work ethic, no one compares to him. He also likens his female companion to the brand known as Mr. Clean. The heat simply amplifies on the Valee-assisted “Zack & Cody.” Over Tay creations futuristic, unorthodox beat, Aminé and Valee both deliver subtle yet hard-hitting verses on their sexual skillfulness and various encounters, high wealth, and luxury living.

Much like artists such as Drake whom have come before him, Aminé successfully utilizes a perfect blend of singing and rapping. His way with melodies and harmonies infused into his flow makes him such a force within the industry. As the Deluxe continues, Aminé provides the charismatic, cartoonish harmony for the smoker anthem, “Gelato.” On the confident “Talk,” Aminé delivers bold, self-assuring bars as he proclaims that he has to not only talk his sh*t, but back it up as well.

Been doin’ this sh*t from the get-go

And my eyes real, real low from the petrol (True)

The snakes gon’ hate, let the Drac’ go

But you can’t hate when my chain cost your payroll (Damn)

Pen game good and my d**k good (Wow)

I really wish a b*tch would

Amine – Talk

Much like the overall theme of the album, “Chicken” finds Aminé highlighting his own personal issues with fame and publicity in his verse.

I can’t even go inside the store no mo’

I’m just shy and I don’t wanna take a photo

But I do it and I’m nice, then I give ’em promo

Then he really got the nerve to ask a n***a for mo’

I’m eatin’ lunch with my mom, n***a, get out my zone

Then he post a pic up and say, “Aminé a ho”

Amine – Chicken

Melodies intensify on the project’s final two tracks. Beginning with “Buzzin,” Amine flat out sings his heart out about finding a partner who makes him “feel like someone.” With a slow voice, he whips out this passionate rap melody. He rants on about how his partner just brings warmth to his core. Recruiting Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the pair deliver this soft, harmonious tune.

Limbo’s deluxe ends with another new, euphonious track,”Solid.” Amine continuously declares his authenticity repeating, “I’m solid” over Marche’ Black’s heavenly, cocoa-buttered background vocals. Aminé showcases his musical dexterity throughout his rapping and clever lyricism.

All in all, the Deluxe tracks furthermore reinforce an already great project. Displaying even more versatility, Limbo (Deluxe) continues to exhibit Aminé’s authenticity, unique flow, and captivating West Coast appeal. He flawlessly experiments and navigates through his own personal truths to deliver an amazing project. From production, to lyricism, to relevance in material, Aminé continues to keep his foot on the gas with each release.