Blxst Brings the Pressure on “No Love Lost (Deluxe)”

Blxst (Photo by Brandon Hicks)

Since 2015, Los Angeles’ own, Blxst has truly become an unstoppable force in the music industry. The raw, South Central, LA artist has been hard at work both behind the scenes and on the main scene. In just a few years, the West Coast native has already worked with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, YG, DJ Mustard, Eric Bellinger, and more. A jack-of-all-trades, Blxst not only raps, he sings, writes, edits, and produces. The multitalented artist released his highly acclaimed “No Love Lost” EP back in September. The project birthed melodic gems such as “Gang Slide” and the utterly successful, emotive “Hurt.” Keeping that very fire burning, Blxst is back with the heavily anticipated Deluxe release to “No Love Lost!”

Released Friday (Dec. 4), No Love Lost (Deluxe) adds 6 new songs and recruits fellow West Coast brethren Ty Dolla $ign, Dom Kennedy, Tyga, and Bino Rideaux. Picking up where Blxst left off, the Deluxe release continues to focus on the artist’s life in those Los Angeles streets. The six new soulful additions further the emphasis of life experiences, loyalty, and love. The Deluxe starts with the expressive “Pressure.” Over Mike & Keys soothing West Coast production, Blxst reflects on life before his new success. Comparing himself to the late Nate Dogg, he praises his skill while remaining humble. While looking back on the various haters and naysayers in his life, he still manages to keep his focus on his present blessings and the joyous future to come. However, he unapologetically demands his respect.

I ainโ€™t heard one bad Blxst song

โ€˜Gevity, gon last long

He the new Nate Dogg

He the West back bone

I was just broke last year

Now the cast gone.”

Blxst – Pressure

On the upbeat, “Forever Humble,” the theme of humbleness is yet again reinforced. Blxst reverts to a time where he struggled and had nothing. He both acknowledges and applauds each and every one of his blessings. Remaining appreciative and thankful, he praises his rise to success while remembering his roots. As the project continues, listeners are greeted by the Deluxe’s lead single, “Got It All,” featuring. Dom Kennedy. Sampling, The Spinners’ “I Found Love (When I Found You), the two note the ways their lover possesses everything they desire. Melodic and warm, Blxst delivers agile lyricism. His flow is light and quick. Dom provides classic West Coast appeal rapping about turning his good girl bad while sliding into her satin sheets.

The melodies grow even deeper on the feel good “Chosen” Tapping none other than Mr. feature king (Ty Dolla $ign) and Tyga, the dynamic trio truly create a banger for the ladies. Blxst requests that his “chosen” lover only gives her love to him. Keeping this same energy, Ty Dolla keeps the linkup utterly confidential requesting his lover sings a NDA. Tyga smoothly flows about descriptive sexual encounters and luxury living on his quick verse.

Girl, you chosen (Yeah)

F**k it up when you bust wide open (Bust it)

Itโ€™s an ocean, Iโ€™m just imposing that you give it to me

And just me only, yeah (Sheesh).”

Blxst – Chosen

The project’s last feature arrives on the remix to the infectious “Wrong or Right” track. Blxst recruits Bino Rideaux to decorate the remix. Rideaux comes through with a nimble, refreshing verse bring new life to the already contagious song. The Deluxe release ends with the moving “Change Up.” Bringing that emotional singer-like rap, Blxst asks his lover to never switch up on him despite any trials or tribulations they face. His love for his partner is clear and he simply asks that the energy be reciprocated. He desires to grow with her and continue to live his life with her no matter what they face.

Ultimately, No Love Lost (Deluxe) continues to prove the force that is Blxst. With an attractiveness reminiscent to Drake, the artist is able to mesh emotional melodies with clever lyricism well. His ability to switch between singing and rap and do it well is commendable. His delivery, also very charismatic, radiates a very Lil Uzi Vert-ish appeal as well. However, there is only ONE Blxst. He tells his stories on his timing. He maintains his West Coast spirit while tapping into new dimensions within his artistry. Blxst strives to not sound like anyone but himself and it works out perfectly for him.

Blxst (Photo By Brandon Hicks)

Since making his way in 2015, the artist has already become an undeniable presence. He’s already achieved over 30 million streams with his No Love Lost EP, and made extremely remarkable strides in such a short amount of time. For example, the project debuted at No. 8 on iTunes’ Top Albums for Hip-Hop/Rap. He even hit No. 6 on Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 in September. Blxst is no doubt a rising icon not only within the West Coast but within the music industry in its entirety.