Megan Thee Stallion Reclaims Her Power on “Good News”

In only a couple of years, Megan The Stallion’s life has changed in countless ways. From collaborating with Nicki Minaj (on one of 2019’s hottest summer jams,) to joining Rihanna’s “SAVAGE x FENTY” lingerie line as an ambassador, and working with Beyoncé on the iconic remix to her hit “Savage,” the Texas Hot Girl has already made a huge name for herself in such a short amount of time. However, with every new level comes… a new devil. The 25-year-old spent the earlier part of this year recovering mentally, physically, and emotionally after being shot in her foot by Tory Lanez.

Imagine, you’re shot, taken to surgery, and you become the butt of every joke afterwards. For Megan, that was her reality. Instead of taking time to heal, the young rapper faced millions of people across the world and speak her truth. Without the protection of any living parents (or essentially anyone at all), she had to deal with this dark moment ultimately alone. But, only Megan could deal with this and still remain positive, humble, and graceful through it all. So, when Megan decided to name her debut album Good News, the title seemed fitting.

With a year like this, while we have all experienced various blessings, the year itself has been utterly heavy. From personal losses to public losses, there has been much pain through this year; so much pain to the point many of us have become numb. In a sense, we’ve all needed a moment of good news. On Good News, the Grammy-nominated rapper not only confronts her pain, but she reclaims her power and celebrates her truth. Released Friday (Nov. 20), the album consists 17 songs and runs for 50 minutes. The album holds an amazing roster of features ranging from Lil Durk, SZA, Big Sean, Beyoncé, Young Thug, 2 Chainz and more. Good News is preceded by singles such as the radio heavy, “Girls In the Hood,” the Queen Bey-stamped, “Savage Remix,” and the Young Thug-assisted, “Don’t Stop.”

Good News‘ opener, “Shots Fired” finds Megan quickly addressing July’s shooting incident. Sampling David Porter’s “I’m Afraid the Masquerade Is Over,” Megan takes pure head shots at former friends and her alleged shooter. She quickly gathers them without naming any names but definitely makes sure every word hits the core.

You shot a 5’10” b**ch with a .22

Talkin’ ’bout bones and tendons like them bullets wasn’t pellets

A p***y nigga with a p***y gun in his feelings.”

Megan Thee stallion on “Shots fired”

After sounding off on the situation, The Stallion no longer entertains it and is able to free herself from it. Immediately the mood shifts on the New Orleans themed “Circles.” Sampling the iconic Jazmine Sullivan’s Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles), Megan creates a bounce anthem for the “bad bitches” as she declares. She refuses to go back and forth with the “little boys.” She questions her former flings asking why would they want to do her wrong. Good News reunites both the Hot Girl and Da Baby on the fiery “Cry Baby” Produced by d.a. go that dope, the frequent collaborators openly discuss their sexual lives. The beat is truly phenomenal. The two get descriptive and detailed when discussing various sexual acts and encounters. Megan even goes as far to proclaim that her sex is so good, her dude will want to wear her hoodie.

Much of Good News utilizes unique production, notable samples, and vicious bars. On standout track, “Sugar Baby” Megan pays homage to Webbie and Trina sampling their “Bad Bitch (Remix)” record. Keeping that same energy reminiscent to Trina, The Stallion raps, wanting a man with dramatically large sexual organs. Over the vintage production, she raps about her lover spending those dollars on her and proving to her that he loves her. She challenges her lover to invest in her and spend it all on her without hesitation.

Oh, you wanna see my nails when they done? Sh*t, pay for ’em

You can’t have opinions on no sh*t that you ain’t payin’ for

All them high school mind games only work on needy b***hes

Call yourself not talkin’ to me, I’m already callin’ my other n***a, 

Megan thee Stallion – Sugar Baby

As listeners journey through the album, they will notice that Good News utilizes all of Megan’s various personas. Through various tracks, Megan channels Hot Girl Meg, Tina Snow, and Suga, throughout the album’s entirety. On the strip club anthem, Movie, Tina comes out. Assisted by the sensational Lil Durk, Meg tells the story of being a performer in the club while Lil Durk acts as the male hype man in the club. Confident and self-assured, the two trade cocky bars with one another.

On the Tay Keith-produced song, Megan makes it perfectly clear that she doesn’t need the money of any man. She affirms herself sexually and demands her respect. Lil Durk gloats about his wealth while comically paying respect to the strip club chicken wings (which are outstanding by the way). Tina rears her head on the scene again with the in-your-face “What’s New.” She calls out the critics and haters. She’s too focused on making her money and keep her neck “iced out.” They’ve said all they could say and done all they could do. She even goes as far as saying if your bank account is still attached to your mother’s, there is no reason you should speak.

The samples continue on the R&B gem, “Freaky Girls.” Utilizing DJ DMD’s “25 Lighters,” Megan taps SZA for the sneaky banger. Holding down the chorus, SZA sings: “I’ma be your freak any time or place, any day of the week / Said I’ma let you hit it, I ain’t scared, I ain’t shy, it’s cool with me / ‘m lookin’ for a thug who ain’t scared of the p***y with a gangster lean.” Over Juicy J’s production, Meg brings out her natural instinct delivering raw lines like, “Freaky b***h, I do this, suck it like I’m toothless / Your old b***h can’t f**k with me, you ain’t teachin’ me no new sh*t.”

If there is anything Megan will do, it is celebrate her body. So, it is a no brainer that Good News also contains those feel good, body positive anthems that make women of all sizes and ages want to move and shake what was given to them by God. On the utterly contagious “Body,” Hot Girl Meg appears. She celebrates every ounce of thickness, every curve, and declares it throughout the entire song. Much like it’s heavenly visual, the track possesses an allure and pizazz (despite its annoying and sickly infectious chorus).

The warm body positivity continues on “Work That.” Playing on Juvenile’s “Rodeo,” Meg puts on for the ladies declaring that they be proud of their bodies and take their clothes off.

As the album grows closer to the end, Meg’s experimental alias known as Suga finally arrives. Cuts like the soothing, sensual “Intercourse,” featuring. Popcaan, and DJ Mustard show Meg stepping out of the box and testing new waters. While “Intercourse” is an instant standout hit, Suga falls short on the synth-pop, TikTok-friendly, “Don’t Rock Me To Sleep.” For Megan’s traditional fans, the track is actually very uncomfortable to endure. From the elementary chorus to the songlike rap, the song is Megan attempting to reach new audiences (it’s a no for me though).

The Texas Hottie reverts back to her traditional rap roots on the 2 Chainz & Big Sean-assisted “Go Crazy.” Sampling The Jackson 5’s “ABC” Meg questions why she has to constantly prove herself to women she’s better than. She brings the savage back out proclaiming she only wants a man on her birthday and Christmas. 2 Chainz and Big Sean provide some quick striking bars following Meg’s lead.

Good News ends Megan’s celebration with the album’s preceding singles. In a way it’s perfect because each of the singles highlight her growth and elevation. Despite everything sent to throw her off her course, Megan continues to grow. Good News takes what was meant for destruction and adds fuel to Megan’s fire. Her pain and loss invigorate her and bring forth new life within her. Instead of sulking and being negative, she continues to own her truth. Like any Megan Thee Stallion project, she liberates herself sexually. She owns here sexuality regardless of who is uncomfortable with it and promotes self-love and confidence.

While every track on Good News is not a 10/10, the album is decent. She attempts to bring energies from each of her previous projects. There are some levels of redundancy in both lyricism and topic but Megan manages to keep listener’s attention through the project. She takes several risks testing different sounds and while some work and others don’t, she is able to create experiences on her debut album. Overall, Good News scores a 7/10.

Top 5 Tracks from Good News (Not including singles) :

  1. Movie
  2. Intercourse
  3. What’s New
  4. Sugar Baby
  5. Freaky Girls

Honorable Mentions: Circles, Go Crazy, Body