Fan Controlled Football Announces Inaugural Season, Quavo & Mike Tyson Are Team Owners

Fan Controlled Football

Fan Controlled Football (FCF), the only professional sports league where fans to call the plays in real-time, announced this week the inaugural first season: FCF Season v1.0.

Set to launch February 2021, the league’s premiere season will feature four teams made up of pro-caliber athletes battling it out over a six-week schedule that will be live-streamed exclusively on Twitch.

“We are pushing boundaries and pioneering a new category of immersive sports that will be a seismic shift in the worlds of sport and entertainment,” said Sohrob Farudi, Co-founder and CEO of Fan Controlled Football. “Fan Controlled Football is IRL meets URL. For the first time in sports history, fans get to call the shots for their team, everything from team branding, player selection, and real-time play calling is decided by the fans. This is the future of sports and we’re excited to co-create history with the fans.”

To add to the fan experience, FCF has partnered with a number of celebrities from the world of sport and culture as team owners.

Quavo of Migos is the newest team owner, joining NFL Super Bowl Champions Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch, boxing legend Mike Tyson, YouTube and podcast empire Kinda Funny led by Greg Miller, and some of the biggest content creators from Twitch’s community. Each team will have a lead owner and be partnered with other members of the FCF family as part of their ownership group, and together with fans will help shape each team’s personality, identity and destiny on the road to the title.

“We are building a brand and something different in our league – with the fans. They are in control and get to pick the team names, colors, logos, and more,” said Quavo. “I’m really excited because FCF is fast-paced, high-scoring 7v7 football and you are in control. You go from sitting on the couch watching TV and pressing buttons on the remote to actually pressing the buttons on the plays.”

Featuring elite athletes from NCAA Division I and II programs, the CFL, XFL and the Indoor Football League, FCF is a fast-paced, high-scoring 7-vs-7 style of football played on a 35-yard x 50-yard field with 10-yard end zones. The six-week season will kick off in February 2021, with four regular-season weeks, one playoff week and a Championship week. Games will be held at FCF’s state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta, each being 60 minutes in length.

Fans can register at to align with their favorite team owner, then start building the teams from the ground up. Throughout the pre-season, fans will have the opportunity to determine team names, colors, logos, uniforms, hire team coaches and other team branding and building opportunities. Additionally, during the season fans will help determine which players make the roster via a weekly fan-run draft, call plays in real-time, make the calls on rule changes and more.