Overwatch League Pros to Get BAIT “Sneaker Bonuses” for Postseason Play

Performance bonuses are nothing new to traditional professional sports, but in the world of eSports, the Overwatch League is taking a new approach to this… via a collaboration with renowned sneaker boutique BAIT.

Via the partnership, Overwatch League pros that hit stat-based achievements will earn something rarer than cash: fire for their feet, curated from the BAIT team, including CMO Eric Phan. That, of course, is in addition to the $4 million Grand Finals prize pool.

For example, if a player achieves a Fleta Deadlift (when one player accounts for over half of their team’s eliminations), he’ll unlock a BAIT sneaker bonus, good for heat of his choosing.

“Gaming and sneakers cultures have always had a passionate, shared community,” Phan said in a statement. “You can see it on display through some of the collabs that have dropped recently like the Xbox Jordans and the PlayStation PG2s. So, there is no better time than now for Overwatch League and BAIT to partner to create sneaker bonuses. Esports pros are definitely part of the shared gaming and sneaker culture and will appreciate what we are putting together”.

While the Overwatch League is rewriting the script on bonuses, the League is not new to hypebeast culture. This season, designer Jeff Staple created the Overwatch League team kits and during the inaugural Grand Finals in 2018, the eventual champion London Spitfire took the stage in Brooklyn wearing matching Off-White x Air Jordan 1s in University Blue.

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