Guide to Safely Moving Your Expensive Artwork

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS from Pexels

For any art lover, moving artwork safely is the biggest agenda during a move. The valuable and fragile belongings need to be safely packed and transported. Engaging a credible long distance moving company is the best way to ensure that your expensive art items are safely moved to the destination, without any damage. The best movers will guide you about the supplies you would need for the packing like a mirror box or a wooden crate. You can get a list of best moving companies at Moving Apt. To access the details, click here.

While the movers will take care of your belongings to the best extent, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what goes in a safe and damage free artwork transportation. This post serves as a guide for moving artwork and contains all the crucial details related to the topic.

How to pack framed artwork?

Flat picture boxes are the best for packing framed artwork. Although these boxes are more expensive than the traditional moving boxes, they offer more security while moving expensive artwork items. The boxes are large in size with padding and cushioning to safely keep the artwork.

To secure the glass of the frame, you will need masking tape. Using the tape make a big X sign over the glass. This will keep the glass safe from pressure and breakage oncedone, use a lot of plastic wrap to secure the framed artwork.

For paintings with expensive frames, you will again require safety items like cardboard corners. These corners will keep the frames safe and as they move inside the box.

You can also protect the artwork from moving inside the box by placing wadded paper at the bottom of the box before you place the artwork. Use packing peanuts or bubble wrap to fill all the remaining spaces in the side and top of the artwork to fix it at one place.

How to pack sculptures for long distance move?

One of the most challenging tasks while packing artwork is protecting the sculptures with efficient packing. As sculptures are of uneven shape and size, they are complicated to pack. Moreover, when not packed effectively, there is a good chance of damage.

Experts suggest using a layer of cling wrap to protect the finish of the sculpture. Cut the cling wrap in different sizes and place the sizes on the sculpture as per the dimensions of different details. The second layer should be of bubble wrap. You can wrap the entire sculpture in a fine layer of bubble wrap. Now that you finish the wrapping, the final package should look oval in shape. This oval shaped package is then placed in a box with a lot of cushioning. Just like we fixed the framework, we need to fill the box with packing peanuts to the brim.

How to move extra-large and expensive sculptures for long distance travel?

If you have some really expensive sculptures that are larger than life, you will have to invest some money in buying a wooden crate or cardboard box. It is important to note that you buy the right type of cardboard boxes. A single walled cardboard box is sturdy enough to bear 40 pounds of weight. If your sculpture is larger than this, you must consider a double or multi-layered cardboard box.

Once you have the right wooden crate or cardboard box, prepare the sculpture just like the smaller sculptures. Start with cling wrap and then use bubble wrap to make an oval shaped structure. You must pay high attention to the vulnerable parts of the sculpture as you pack it. Finally place the artwork in the crate/ cardboard box with a lot of cushioning.

How to find the best moving company to move artwork?

Packing and moving artwork is very complex and it is recommended to engage the experts. However, finding the best moving company is equally challenging. You must look for a company that is a specialist in moving artworks. Check the company’s website to look for their portfolio and artwork projects they have handled. This will allow you a good chance to evaluate whether or not the company is equipped with the right knowledge, skills and experience in moving artwork. You should then ask for a moving quote from different companies and compare it to get affordable services. As you check moving companies, do not forget to read the user’s review as it presents the most honest picture of the moving company and its services.

Artworks are expensive and it is important that you get enough attention while moving them. The stressful task can however be made simpler with the help of a moving company and right knowledge. Besides long distance move is often more complicated than local moves. Hope this guide serves as the best reference document for you as you pack your expensive and valuable artwork.