Check Out Mamitas Tequila & Soda: The Hard Seltzer Made With Real Tequila

Mamitas Tequila & Soda

This week, we introduce you to a new drink perfect to close out the summer: Mamitas Tequila & Soda. The canned cocktail is a hard seltzer made with 100% real tequila.

It debuts with four classic tequila and soda flavors; Lime, Paloma, Pineapple and Mango… and is hitting shelves in four packs at select retail and alcohol delivery partners nationwide.

As the tequila, hard seltzer and ready-to-drink categories continue to grow, Mamitas comes at the perfect time. Instead of just joining the movement, Mamitas decided it was time for consumers to put down their sugar-brewed seltzers and crack open real tequila. This is the first ready-to-drink tequila seltzer with four unique flavors. Each gluten-free, 12 oz. can has only 95 calories while still upholding 5% ABV. With every sip, Mamitas keeps a light and refreshing taste while staying authentic to iconic tequila cocktails that have inspired bartenders for decades. But this time, leave the shaker at home.

“At Phusion we’re always looking to craft innovative products that people are calling for and we’ve had our eye on the exploding tequila category for some time.” said Jaisen Freeman, Co-founder at Phusion Projects LLC. “With tequila now trending as a better for you spirit, we carefully crafted Mamitas to elevate the hard seltzer category. Mamitas complements an active lifestyle and doesn’t sacrifice taste. Creating Mamitas was a no brainer for us”

Each can has just 95 Calories, comes in 12 oz. cans and has 5% alcohol by volume.

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