What’s the Deal with Blue Light Glasses?

Although fashion and technology do not often enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship, there are a few times when they share centre stage. Stylish mobile phone cases and smart watches are two common examples. However, there are other accessories that have become quite popular due to the fact that they serve dual purposes. Have you ever heard of blue light glasses? What makes this type of eyewear so special? What benefits do they have to offer? Why might these make a great addition within the workplace or while enjoying a video from the comfort of your home? Let’s quickly examine some of the reasons why these glasses are set to have an impact upon the fashion and tech sectors.

What is the Purpose of Blue Light Glasses?

Children and adults are now inextricably linked to digital technology. From checking emails and chatting with friends to keeping up to date with the latest social media posts, a great deal of time is spent in front of computers and smartphones. In fact, recent studies have shown that the average adults will spend nearly ten hours in front of such devices on a daily basis. However, there is a problem here.

Electronic screens such as those associated with laptops, flat-screen televisions and smartphones emit a wavelength of light commonly known as “blue light”. The issue here is that blue light has been shown to cause issues such as eye strain, headaches and dry eyes. This can become a very real problem for those who require a computer to perform work-related tasks or simply for anyone who enjoys kicking back and watching their favourite videos.

The good news is that specific types of glasses have been developed in order to counteract the scenarios mentioned above. Simply referred to as “blue light glasses”, their lenses have been designed in such a way as to block out the majority of this potentially harmful wavelength.

Functional and Stylish

Although a great deal of technology has gone into the design of these glasses, we should also point out that they are extremely stylish. Numerous colours, shapes and configurations are available. These can work well with any ensemble and they can be easily paired with other accessories such as jewellery, belts or handbags. In fact, this type of eyewear has become popular enough that there are now a wide variety of screen glasses for kids. This is quite important, as eliminating eye strain at an early age will help to ensure healthy vision in the future. We can now see why blue light glasses are becoming very popular. Whether worn as a fashion statement or for their ability to cut down on the harmful wavelengths emitted by display screens, these clever gadgets are here to stay. You will also be pleased to learn that affordable prices ensure that even those who are on a limited budget can enjoy the advantages highlighted above. In terms of style and technological innovation, blue light glasses represent the “clear” solution.