First Entertainment & Los Angeles Lakers Announce Lakers-Themed Affinity Debit Card

First Entertainment x Los Angeles Lakers

Following an announcement in March that announced Anthony Davis as their first brand ambassador, First Entertainment Credit Union (“First Entertainment”) and the Los Angeles Lakers have announced the launch of the Lakers® Debit Card as the next step in their multi-year sponsorship agreement, which aims to connect its members to exclusive moments and experiences with the 16-time NBA championship team.

The Lakers® Debit Card will be available starting in September. To celebrate the launch of the themed card, Davis and First Entertainment designed a first-look Limited-Edition Lakers Kit which will be randomly awarded to individuals who enter a First Entertainment / Lakers sponsored sweepstakes. The limited-edition kits to be given away as prizes in the sweepstakes are inspired by those Davis and First Entertainment gifted to each team member of the Lakers for the return of the 2019-2020 NBA season. First Entertainment members can sign up for the First Entertainment Lakers® Debit Card today at

“Further establishing the relationship between the Lakers organization and First Entertainment is an endeavor we don’t take lightly, especially in a time when we’re missing events that have long played a critical part in creating a sense of community and home for Lakers fans,” said Amondo Redmond, Chief Marketing Officer at First Entertainment Credit Union. “The Lakers® Debit Card is another way for us to tap into the rich legacy of both the Lakers and First Entertainment organizations while giving our passionate and creative membership a way to express their love for one of the greatest teams to ever play the game.”

“From the moment I joined the Lakers, I’ve looked for ways to build stronger connections to the city and to our dedicated fans,” said Anthony Davis. “First Entertainment has been a great partner for me in exploring ways to support the community. First Entertainment’s Lakers® Debit Card presents a way for all of us to celebrate the partnership that has brought so many of us together, no matter where we are or where we’re from.”