Jhené Aiko Heats Up On “Chilombo (Deluxe)”

Jhene Aiko - Chilombo (Deluxe)

Jhené Aiko has been on fire since releasing her third studio album, Chilombo back in March. After months of teasing fans on social media, she finally released a bonus collection of songs to accompany the project. Chilombo’s Deluxe holds only 9 songs. However the songs add a new collection of features from artists such as Kehlani, Mila J, Chris Brown, and more.

Adding even more passion than ever, the bonus records begin with the heartfelt piano / studio versions of “Above and Beyond.” Here, Jhene fights with the thoughts that her relationship may be ending. Despite the love that she has for her love, there is a level of uncertainty she has. Jhené knows everything is not always perfect but she feels the love is worth fighting for. She questions her lover where has all his feelings gone. She believes she is worth the fight but now she’s unsure.

An unapologetic Jhené resurfaces on the Kehlani-assisted remix to “B.S.” and the utter sh*t talking, “All Good.” On their second collaboration, both Lani and Jhené add an even newer energy to the already iconic hit. The two come together to unapologetically sing about moving on from toxic, lame dudes who kept them down in the past. Jhené provides new rifts, runs, and even a new verse. “All Good” shows Jhené checking the fellas. She asks, why are men so sensitive and serious all of the time? She encourages them all to just shut up and enjoy the ride of the relationship. “If you just let it be, then it would be good, all good,” she bellows.

The collection of bonus tracks begin to heat up as we arrive to “Come On” and the utterly highly anticipated, “On the Way,” featuring Mila J. On the slow-burning “Come On,” Jhené tells her lover to simply make love to her. She explicitly describes exactly how she wants to be stimulated. Here, that P***y fairy energy makes it return. This energy reaches an all-time high on “On the Way.” With the help of her sister, Mila J, the two reach such a steamy level, a cold shower might be the only thing that suffices. The lyricism is raw, raunchy, and erupting. Jhené even joked with her sister about how… raw she was on the track.

As listeners reach the last few bonus songs, Jhené ushers in a level of meditation, peace, and carefreeness. Chris Brown and the legendary Snoop Dogg join Jhené on the official remix to “Tryna Smoke.” They sing about staying high to balance out these terrible lows. Chris and Jhené are both frequent collaborators so it was great to hear them on a track again. They simply never miss. “Down Again” taps the stimulated Wiz Khalifa. The record takes me back to the early days of Jhene’s music. This is actually one of my favorites on the Deluxe. It just is so free and so peaceful. Jhené gives thanks to God for her elevated mindset and promises to never fall down again.

“I’m so elevated

Thank god that we made it

Manifested every dream and entered all my prayers

Every day, I, stay high

Say hi to my haters on my way up (Hi)

Ain’t no way that you could ever get me down (Get me down).”

Jhené Aiko

On the final track of the Deluxe, Jhené samples Kool & the Gang’s “Summer Madness” on “Summer 2020.” She sings about taking rain with her sunshine and taking it easy on herself. Inspired by the birthday of her late brother, Miyagi, Jhené reflects in the nostalgia of him and his legacy. She takes what was meant to be darkness, chaos, & pain, and empowers herself and others. She gives thanks for still being alive. The song is very healing and is the perfect way to end the album.

Overall, Jhené delivers in the best way possible. From the original album to the Deluxe, there really is no miss. Chilombo tells a story of pain, healing, sex, love, and peace. She continues to outdo herself with every project she releases and I along other fans & listeners cannot wait to see what she does next.