Should You Invest in an Expensive Soundbar?


Do you consider yourself to be a savvy and shrewd consumer? You may wonder then when looking at some of the more expensive soundbars there are available on the market if they are worth it. First and foremost, we would recommend that with many brands and models, the price tag can be an indication of the quality. But more than just quality is important when you are choosing a product like a soundbar for your own home. 

As all entertainment systems and the homes, they are used in are different, you need to be careful that you buy the soundbar that’s right for your setup. Beyond the price, therefore, you need to look at more when choosing a soundbar. While we are not suggesting that you won’t have a great experience if you spend a little extra on one, we want to discuss some of the most important aspects of soundbars and how these are affected by the price tag.


Size is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing a soundbar. You will find that the bigger the soundbar you are looking for, the more you may have to pay. That is not where your focus should be, though, as you will want to buy the soundbar that is the right size for your television. 

It would not make sense to pay several hundred dollars for a soundbar that is bigger than you need for your television, especially when there are cheaper models that will work just as well. So, while size will impact the price, you should be looking to match the size of the soundbar to the size of your television. Of course, there are other secondary factors to consider going through the complete buying guide, but remember to stay focused on features that you genuinely need rather than the ones that are heavily advertised.

Number and Type of Connections Available

The type of connections and the number of those connections that a soundbar offers is another important aspect to consider. Generally, you will find that the more you spend, the more connections will be available for a wider variety of systems, gadgets, and accessories. What you really need to think about is how many different devices need to connect to a soundbar. If it’s just one or two, you won’t necessarily need 6 different connections, which in turn may mean you could buy a cheaper model. Just as with size, always look for what is seemingly the biggest and best, but the one that suits your needs most and fits in with the rest of your entertainment system and audio setup requirements.

Sound Quality

Normally, if you are buying a soundbar it is because you care about the sound level and quality produced by your entertainment system. It doesn’t make sense then that you would deliberately buy the cheapest model possible, only to have a soundbar that doesn’t really meet your expectations. Although sound quality cannot always be determined by price alone, the more expensive models tend to have more sophisticated and comprehensive controls and features when it comes to the sound they produce.

Number of Channels

The above leads us nicely onto the number of channels. That is the number of speakers a soundbar has inside it. You need to think about how expansive and textured you want the sound to be for your entertainment system. If you are only investing in one for a particularly small room where you are not going to be sat too far away from the television, you will only need a small number of channels. However, if you need a soundbar that will help fill a larger family room with crisp and immersive sound for movie nights and when you are playing video games, more channels are always going to help.  As is the case when it comes to the size of a soundbar, how many connection options it offers, and the overall sound quality it produces, if you are looking for the maximum number of channels, you can expect to pay a premium price. Whereas if you just need one or two, it will be a lot cheaper. Always look for what you need, rather than just the price tag, to avoid disappointment.